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Mitch Thompson wins Junior Wild Wild West 2015

Mitch Thompson fought a close battle with Tyron Knight to win the Juniors race.

First day of Wild Wild West (WWW) was all about the juniors. There were 18 racers in the junior category, and they pushed their limits on a fast track.

Jackson Shapiera, race organiser, stepped up the race to a sanctioned event in 2015 and started the course…

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First day of ASRA's new board

Last night, if you saw it live or watched the Youtube video, ASRA had their annual AGM and has a new board.

The new ASRA board is:

President: James Hopkin (myself):

Vice-President: Tony Streets

Secretary: Bruce de Graaf

Treasurer: Haggy Strom

Three Committee Members

Jackson Shapiera

Michael English

Pete Smith

I am not going to introduce them, we will do some news articles in the future about the new…

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Renzys Riot

our oz skate family reunites to celebrate Chris life and have an awesome skate together!…

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2014/15 QLD Outlaw Series

In March, QLD will wrap up it's 3rd outlaw series. Each year the series has seen in increase in events, organization and rider skill level.

This year it is taking one more step into the future!

We'll keep you posted with the date of the race, it will be sometime in March.

Listed above are the companies that have kindly…

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On the road to Almabtrieb IDF world cup

News from the Basement Skate Blog

Maga and Rob head to Almabtrieb in search of IDF World Cup glory and find a country already celebrating another world cup. IDF WORLD CUP RACE REPORT

On the road to Almabtrieb - Rob McWhinnie

Which World Cup?


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Code Red 2014 + No Hands Down

In its second year now, Code Red Outlaw is undoubtedly Australia’s gnarliest DH outlaw track, with speeds quickly accelerating to over 80kmh and a +100ft drift needed for the dropping lefthander, it requires balls of steel and a solid style to handle the speed and cornering.

code red - Adam Smith steezing it all day Adam Smith steezing it all day

We began the day with a downpour of…

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National Capital Slalom Championships wrap up

Jonny 'Primate' McGrath and Ryan 'Pickles' Nicholls. Pic by Dave Pang.

The Saturday started off as usual at the best little slalom racing weekend in existence, with a glorious day at Stromlo Forest Park, our awesome venue. We race on the Stephen Hodge Criterium Circuit which is normally reserved for bicycle racing. The course was a fairly loose 50 cones, with offset and a ‘gimme’ section that was really tricky. The…

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This is your chance to be in! BoarderX coming to the masses

Testing out my over vert lines

The Be the Influence Boarder X is being busted out to the masses. If you want in – and believe me you will want in – then you need to get on your keyboard and smash out a few details.


There is no charge to race these events and you can sign up to as many event…

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 Its that time of year again MPD it was the day before we were due to race. The weather had been crap for four days now rain and cold wasn't looking good and the crew were getting a little on edge. A few were starting to say we should call it and race another day. After much deliberation and procrastination a few to many Jacks it was decided that we would wait till the morrow and call it early in the morning. I had finished all the jack and the bowl was empty so off to bed we went…

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Rob and Maga off to Europe 2013

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Fun at Lennox Head June 2013

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More Lennox Head Pics

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Lennox Head June 2013...

Some pics from the weekend.…

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Lennox Heads Outlaw

After a month of planning, organising and getting stoked.  The morning of my very first organisation of an outlaw finally arrived. My body running full of nerves.

The morning was perfect, a hill packed with 40 racers and perfect sunny weather. After rider check-in, it was time for the serious business! Race time!


The round robin races were full of very close runs, and a couple of spills. Three major stand outs, dominating all of their heats were Josh…

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Newtons Nation Final Wrap

Mt. Panorama, Bathurst: Kevin Reimer continued his dominance over the competition, making it three wins out of three at Newtons Nation. In a blistering final he passed Douglas Dalua Silva while coming out of the Dipper, and took on the notorious Forest Elbow with the barest of airbrakes, skimming the bales and rocketing down Conrod Straight with too much exit speed for the rest to catch.

Micah Green passed Dalua in the final straight to take second and cap an…

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Newtons Nation Day 2 Wrap

Alex Tongue took home $1,000 in today's Sector 9 Top 10 Shootout, beating track-record holder Kevin Reimer in an exciting day's racing. One of the favourites, Brazilian Douglas "Dalua" Silva almost missed the shootout after crashing heavily earlier in the day, but got up off the massage table only to post an uncharacteristically slow time.

Earlier Canadian Dillon Stephens qualified for tomorrow's finals in first place, beating out two-time winner Kevin Reimer, Alex…

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The Next Level is Here - Boarder-X

Boarder-X has been the dream of of just about every longboarder since the beginning of time. We have all seen it half attempted overseas on a number of occasions over the last decade. The problem with boarder-x is its not something you can half do, its one of those events that is either go big or go home. Well ASRA has decided to go big!!!

This all started many years ago with dreams of hug ramps, massive berms and giant humps. Its the event that…

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Newton's 2013 Race Format Revealed

It should be simple - the fastest guy down the hill wins. And while a China Bomb has a certain charm, we've gone the extra mile to come up with a way to run Newtons 2013 so that everybody gets the maximum amount of runs and stoke, while making sure that the fastest guy down the hill still wins.

It's a brand new format that has never been used before at World Cup level. Read below for all the gory details.

Open skateboard…

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The Serious Business of Organizing Events

Taken from The IDF website

There are many reasons why the IDF came about. For years we wanted a real and legitimately accountable structure, we wanted to end the one man show, we want to bring economies of scale to our sport and direct funding to our riders and our events. We wanted to raise the professionalism for our members and utilize the skills that permeate across our sport but that have been under utilized for years. Some of these things we have succeeded at…

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The World is Watching... IDF World Cup Tour 2013

The world is watching and its time to deliver. Welcome to the IDF World Tour - the greatest show of downhill skateboarding ever seen. This year we will have eight of the best World Cup race tracks ever ridden to showcase the best talent across the planet. Immersed in that will be a series of WQS events in Europe, North America and South America that will be the stepping stone to world cup glory and form the foundation of the 2013 IDF World Tour

The IDF World Tour…

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