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Sutherland Sessions Round 4 Slalom Point score

A excellent turnout of more then 20 skaters from the ACT .. Blue Mountains .. Central Coast .. South Coast..Southern Highlands & Sydney crews came together for a fantastic day of racing for round 4 of the ASRA point score. The Sutherland Sessions was a 6 run jam format , with a .2 deduction per cone.
Its great to see some new comers to the slalom seen , all have been skaters for many years , one even traveling the world racing Luge in the old IGSA World Cup.
Welcome to Slalom racing, Phill Champion, Cameron Curry, Ben Manganaro, Jeremy Ebers, Phill Watson & Luke Wallace . Also to the long boarders & kids that gave it a go ,but did not compete and was good to catch up again Craig "Gumboots Symes". Well done guys.

First up was the Hybrid set by Mountain Mick & Mark Gorman. 
The top section was easy and open with a few simple offsets , just before you come into the left dogleg Mick placed a wicked 30' left offset then back again to the right , before a quick burst of 6 cones at 2.5 and 3 m, at this stage you started to get some speed and felt like you could get into some rhythm.
Nup , although the next 20 + cones where open, the changing distance, and various offsets was just enough to keep you having to concentrate on your line ,each gate different to the next , causing havoc in the practice for a lot off the new guys,. Getting towards the lower section , the cones came back into an easy flowing pump. The last few were deceptive, a straight varying spaced line of cones into the slight up hill finish saw a few DQs right at the end of the medium paced yet challenging course.

Full Results 
Venue: Waratah Park , Sutherland
Race Type: SS/GS

1 Nick Sable 28.80
2 Ross Sulfaro 30.74
3 Mick Codner 31.08
4 Ben Freifeld 32.48
5 Chris Miris 33.45
6 George Miris 34.76
7 Mark Gorman 34.85
8 Cameron Curry 35.01
9 Evan Miris 35.65

10 Phill Champion 36.32
11 Ben Maganaro 37.97
12 Luke Wallace 46.43
13 Jeremy Ebers DNF
14 Phill Watson DNF

Next up was the Tight set by Mountain Mick , Nick Sable & Mark Gorman
40 cones set between 6 and 7 ft with various spaced offsets.
The start was 1234 easy left right , then it got all sorts of funky, some hard offset and varying spacing had a few pulling out , and a few DQ's on the hardest set up so far this year

Full Results
Venue : Waratah Park Sutherland.
Race Type : Tight Slalom

1 Nick Sable 8.43
2 Mick Codnor 8.81
3 Ben Freifeld 9.04
4 Ross Sulfaro 9.05
5 George Miris 10.93
6 Mark Gorman 11.00
7 Evan Miris 11.11
8 Cameron Curry 11.98
9 Luke Wallace 14. 39
10 Ben Manganaro DNF 
11 Phill Watson DNF

A big thank you to to everyone that gave there time and effort to make the 

day run so well , Time keepers Louise Gorman & Chloe Gorman,, 
Track marshal Effie Miris,, and Ross Scutts for the use of the Transponders.

Cheers MG

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