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There are many ways ASRA can assist in your event. The ASRA crew are immersed in the longboard scene and are the most experienced officials of downhill and longboard events in Australia.


Event Insurance

All legitimate events require public liability insurance and ASRA is happy to help in this area.


Professional Event Timing

We have many years experience in providing professional event timing for Australian domestic and major World Cup events. We use the top of the line TAG Heuer wireless timing systems and photocells to give your event the professional edge


Live broadcast of event results and racing trees

We are able to broadcast your results on the ASRA website as they happen in real time. ASRA's live scoring and broadcast methods have been copied all over the world. You don't need to be running the world cup to do this, we are happy to run live results of any event.


Automated rider registration and payment

We are able to provide you with online rider rego and payment systems tailored to your event. This includes live rider lists accessible on the ASRA website and detailed rider management data for your event.


Automated event trees

Great events require great formats. ASRA has many custom automated event trees and formats that will make running your event as smooth as possible. This includes everything from standard elimination trees to triple trees, repecharges, single and double elimination, round robin, and just about any crazy format you could think of. All of our tree formats are fully automated, so you can't screw it up. Qualifying, event tree, round robin, final results are all programed. All you need to do is say who won and the event trees will automatically generate the next rounds.


Event Promotion

To have a successful event you will need to promote it properly and nobody understands the racing community like ASRA.. The adage of 'if you build it they will come' simply does not apply, your event will live or die on how its promoted to your market (riders). If you want a successful sold out event you need to coordinate how you do it with ASRA. ASRA is the home of the racing community and is visited over 75,000 times a month by riders all over the country. When it comes to selling out events ASRA is the only organisation capable of doing this. For a great event you need a great format, a good hill, you need access to the whole racing community. We can give you advice on schedule dates, super rad formats, release featured news stories and event updates, broadcast messages to the riders you want at your event, and much more. For this to be successful you need to do it the right way and the crew at ASRA are the only people in the country that can make sure it happens.


ASRA Rankings

To have your race included in the ASRA Rankings, please read the criteria.


Contact Robbo or Bugs for more details via PM on ASRA or email at the following:


Home :: Events :: Event Help

Very useful event Guidebook provided by the team at Street Luge!

Sample Entry and Indemnity/Privacy waiver Form:
SampleRaceEntryForm.docx (save file as Entry.docx to your computer, then open it with Word)

Note this form will need  to be customised for each event, event organiser, site owner and state sporting association.
Note it might not provide race organisers with an effective indemnity in all circumstances, in particular if the organiser is reckless or negligent.


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