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World Skate Games - Team Update

We're pleased to finally deliver our national team headed to…
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WSG Slalom qualifying

Team Selection for World Skate Games Slalom Team 

The World Skate Games in Argentina later this year (Oct 24 - Nov 13 ) is expected to include for the  first time Skateboard Slalom Racing. The upcoming Slalom Championships to be held in Canberra on  the 12th – 14th…

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ASRA Membership

We have updated the ASRA membership form. 

You can now pay and subscribe with a credit card, you do not need Paypal.

We are just testing and adding new features this week. 

New membership form is here

We can not embed the form, it is a link that goes to Jotform.

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Newtons 2018 tee shirts

Anyone interested in 2018 tees. We have a few left.

To buy a tee click here

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ASRA will do its annual AGM on 2nd September 2018 at 3pm. It will be a live Google Hangout. You can watch online or later. More details soon.

AGM has been put off until 9th September. I forgot it was Father's Day on the 2nd, and due to lack of nominations, we can't really have an AGM. I'll write more soon.

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ASRA Board Nominations

This is an old announcement

Updated 9:08pm 7th September

Nominations have closed

The ASRA AGM is here, and we are looking for Board nominations. 

We announced the AGM for Sunday 26th August at 3pm however, the nomination forms did not make it online. We are…

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ASRA 2017 Slalom Race Report

 Australian Skateboard Racing Association Slalom 2017 Race Report 

Hi Folks

First up a big thank you to the Australian Skateboard Slalom Community for your efforts in 2017.   

You ,the riders that travel thousands of kilometres and in some cases spent the same amount to do what we love.

To  the  organizers that put your hand up and run the comps .  The Track Marshals, the  volunteers,  everyone behind the scenes, you…

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Events and Rankings


Do you want to have your race results ranked

on the ASRA National Racer Ranking…

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2017 ISSA Slalom Rankings

From ISSA Rankings


Place Name Point Best year 2nd best year 3rd best year 4th best year No Avg
Points / Year Points / Year Points /…
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Newtons Slalom..Round 1 2017 ASRA Slalom Point score


Round 1 ASRA Slalom Point Score 2017

Race Report and Times

By M Gorman

 Saturday: Tight Slalom  ( Race 1 )
  First up was the tight slalom practice ,,50  straight cones  at 1.8 Set by Dan Monaghan, the track was  fast , the new asphalt giving way more grip than previous  years ,and had…
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Help us donate our haybales to farmers in drought

This year at Newtons, we are donating all our haybales to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners

We have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help offset the cost.

A haybale costs us $10 to buy, we have 650 of them at Newtons. If you can spare $10, sponsor a hayebale, it is an amazing charity. Hay is collected around NSW and trucked to farmers in need.…

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Newtons Freeride 2017

ASRA is opening up the Friday practice day for skaters who want to freeride but not race. This also includes Gravity Bikes, Inline Skaters, Roller Skaters and any type of Luge. Excluded activities are drift bikes, billy carts and skullboarding.

Price is $100 for a full day of skating includes a competitor tee shirt.

Compulsory safety gear is…

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Volunteer for Newton's 2017

Volunteers are the best people

Without ASRA volunteers, events do not happen. ASRA is run by volunteers, we have no fultime paid jobs at ASRA, we do what we do becasue we love it and we want to see the sport grow.

What we will achieve on Mt Panorama will be pure magic. You will be part of a team that can say WE DID IT!

No matter who who are, there is something you can do. Friends, family, mums, dads, locals, skaters, or just want to be part of a…

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Electric Skateboards: Are They The Future Of Skateboarding?

A few years ago, we had an opportunity to see the first electric skateboard. Due to short range, less-powerful electric motor and several other issues, it wasn’t extremely popular. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different electric skateboards, and they are gaining popularity as we speak. An interesting thing to mention is that now you can play flash games that feature electric skateboards. They are available at unblocked…

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ASRA Members save lives...

Hey there Skateboarders, 

Here is a little something to make you feel a little proud, particularly as we come up to Critmas.

It is a little known fact that there are some of our group who are active in the skate scene but are also active in the area of giving back to the community. These are the punters who not only leave blood and DNA on the roads of Australia, but these little bleeders attend the Blood Bank to donate their finest, that which is termed as 'RED…

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Noosa ProAM

Hi everyone! I'm Dario from Cordoba Argentina, I travel from NZ to Australia with the intention of participated in Noosa ProAM! Im so exciting to join this event but wanna know more details (at the moment I don't received a shipping with my leather suit, its obligatory for this event?) At the moment I'm in HQ hostel- Sydney
Thanks and cheers

Added by Dario Taborda on August 8, 2016 at 21:12 — 2 Comments

Sutherland Sessions Round 4 Slalom Point score

A excellent turnout of more then 20 skaters from the ACT .. Blue Mountains .. Central Coast .. South Coast..Southern Highlands & Sydney crews came together for a fantastic day of racing for round 4 of the ASRA point score. The Sutherland Sessions was a 6 run jam format , with a .2 deduction per cone.

Its great to see some new comers to the slalom seen , all have been skaters for many years , one even traveling the world racing Luge in the old IGSA World Cup.

Welcome to Slalom…

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Mt Keira Downhill Challenge 2016 Race Info

Are you's less than four days til the return of Mt Keira to the IDF World Tour. Here are some of the when, what, and how details.



  • Friday: Freeride and practice, all day
  • Saturday: Timed qualifying, and possibly some rounds of repechage racing in the late afternoon
  • Sunday: Head-to-head racing



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Cre8tive Sk8 finishline

Cre8ive Sk8 has become a marque sponsor of the IDF World Cup race on Mt Keira

The finishline will be flagged, bagged, tagged and bannered by Cre8tive Sk8.

Cre8tive Sk8 is owned and operated by Australian legend Adrian "Ado" Alderson. He is the original and till the best. You can not call yourself an Australian luger or longboarder if you have not called the guru from Townsville on the phone, and bought some gnar gear. More racing bling lives in Townsville than…

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