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Newton's Rider Profile: Rob McWhinnie

Rob McWhinnie is one of those people who live a little "off-the-grid"; they seem to float around the ether before landing in front of you with a bang. Rob has been a quiet achiever for a while, but now he looks set to make his mark. He's a gifted all-round skater possessed of an effortless style, and with a new-found determination to dominate the downhill scene.

We caught up with Rob at his pad in the heart of Bomb Squad territory.

Enough of that mountain…

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Newton's Rider Profile: Ching-Ling Ho

Everybody who stands at the top of Mt. Panorama has butterflies before pushing themselves towards the drop-off where the esses lie hidden and waiting. For Ching-Ling Ho it will be her first race, and with only a year-and-a-half of skate experience and confined to the flatlands of Melbourne, Ching could be excused for having more butterflies than most.

We chewed the fat with Ching to find out where's coming from and where she's going. …

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Newton's Rider Profile: Nick Duffield

Watching Nick Duffield take on a hill is like a maths lesson; the eery precision of his lines gives him an effortless speed that no other luger or skater can match. At this year's Beat the Bastard freeride he blew everybody away with his combination of precision and fearlessness, and it'll be no surprise if he repeats his '08 Newton's Luge win in three weeks time at Mt. Panorama.

We caught up with the fastest man in Australia to find out a little more about… Click here for the full story

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Newton's Rider Profile: Leigh Griffiths


Adelaide's reputation for producing bizarrely sadistic murderers needs an update; it's become home to a new tribe of young longboarders who shred the dry hills that ring the city. The fastest of this tribe is Leigh Griffiths, a quietly spoken guy who somehow always finds a way to the front of the pack down the hill.

We tracked Leigh down to his… Click here for the full story

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Aussie Racers Head to Maryhill

Jackson leads Steve at Peyragudes

A four-strong contingent of Aussie speedboarders head to the USA this week to compete in the fifth IGSA World Cup event of 2008 at Maryhill.

Sydney-based Jackson Shapiera and Queenslanders Steve Daddow, Adam Yates… Click here for the full story

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Jackson 2nd at Rock and Roll!

In only his fourth ever World Cup race, Jackson Shapiera has taken second place behind Mischo Erban of Canada at the Rock and Roll World Cup.

The Rock and Roll Results

1. Erban Mischo CAN

2. Shapiera Jackson AUS

3. Rizzo Patrick USA

4. Lundberg Erik SWE

5. Silva Douglas BRA

6. Lang Nathan…

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Aussies Take Off for the World Circuit

This weekend six Australian downhill skateboarders head to Europe to compete in the European leg of the IGSA World Cup for downhill skateboarding. Steve Daddow, Jackson Shapiera,… Click here for the full story

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