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2 new downhill skate, inline & luge events in Victoria for 2023.

I am happy to announce some major event news with the return of the "Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival in 2023" and on top of that, a BRAND NEW event to follow, with the announcement of the "Lake Mountain Downhill Festival 2023". Having 2 events in Victoria is a massive achievement and a step closer to obtaining the goals of the organisation and delivering new and more exciting venues in the future. We want to thank Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, Yarra Ranges Council & Victorian Skateboard Association for being major supporters and helping us make the following events a possibility.
Here are the details:
Lake Mountain Downhill Festival 2023 (11/3/23-12/3/23): If you are new to downhill skateboarding & luge, and are looking try your first mountain road this is the perfect opportunity. A new event focused on beginners, with a smooth, and accessible track, taking place over 2 days the event will look into integrating a workshop, demo gear, instructors and a experience that will be perfect for riders who want to try downhill skateboarding and are yet to try their first mountain road. This event is pretty much a more accessible and slower paced "Yarra". The event will take place on a scenic alpine environment with resort amenities. Expect big pack runs, sweepy corners and "Team Racing format" to be introduced, to make things more interesting. We aim to make this event as affordable and accessible as possible, so expect a generally good time all around for a relaxed fun weekend to send off summer.
Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival 2023 will return running from the 3/3/23- 5/3 2023 as a 3 day event. This is the current flag ship event in Victoria and includes a range of improvements. Such as a improved prize pool, official rider accommodation to provide affordable camping accommodation for everyone at the event, food trucks, more runs than ever before & at the tail end of summer, we expect great weather, as its the first weekend in March.
All in all expect a whole week of tons of skateboarding in Victoria, with a few days in between events its perfect to hit up the local riders and make the most of your trip. See you all at the hills next year! There will be many more details to follow, and providing the extreme weather recently we will continue to provide updates as they come along.
Thank you to everyone's patience and everyone who supports my events and turns up to my events. Every year the future for skateboarding & luge gets a bit brighter and from your continued support I am able to do my part to bring Australian DH & luge racing to a new level.

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