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Newtons Slalom..Round 1 2017 ASRA Slalom Point score


Round 1 ASRA Slalom Point Score 2017

Race Report and Times

By M Gorman

 Saturday: Tight Slalom  ( Race 1 )
  First up was the tight slalom practice ,,50  straight cones  at 1.8 Set by Dan Monaghan, the track was  fast , the new asphalt giving way more grip than previous  years ,and had most skaters moving  into the last 15 cones  quicker then they could cope with ,  a change in the setting saw the last 20 out to 2m  and the race was on.
From the first runs you could see that this was going to be very close ,early pace setter Api Ihana from New Zeland and 2016 ASRA points champion Dan Monaghan,  swapping the lead , with 5 riders  vying for the top spot,  to the very last run with less then 0.54 of a second seperating  the top 4 racers,  the 2017 ASRA race season was off to a great start.
Young Naccos skater  Tyron Knight in first place with a 13.42  
 2nd Dan Monaghan  13.59  
 3rd Mick Codner   With a 13.70 
 4th Paul Carey 13.96
 5th Api Ihana New Zeland 14.81 
 6th Mark Gorman 15.45
7th Evan Miris 16.07 
8th George Miris 17.62
9th Ciaron Rodriguez 18.53
10th Ben Manganaro 19.63
11th Tom Hay 21.07
12th Scott Hammond DQ 
Hybrid Number 1  ( Race 2 )
 The over cast calm morning gave way to a gusty west tail wind ,with  the forecast temp of 28 now in the mid 30s  things were heating up for the 50 cone Hybrid set by Paul Cary, &  Mountain Mick.
A deceptive shotgun style course ,all gates  being different to the next with no chance of getting into any rhythm. 
Practice saw most of the riders either changing boards or wheel and bushing set ups, trying to get the feel of the new layout.
The new track was suiting some better then others, Scott Hammond who had a bad morning with board selection and tuning ,was now setting some clean runs. Was interesting to see   some of the board set ups   full 77mm Centrax ,   89a orange Plus, Zigs  on $1000  foam Carbon holy grails  to the other side of the coin like the youngest skater of the weekend Tom Hay. He rocked the same set up all weekend , and  had a few of the skaters scratching there head , technically speaking , a very large pool board with downhill trucks and dads old 70+ mm O tangs is not the type of ride for a slalom race , didn't bother Tom , he just got faster.
 First was Paul Cary with a 12.56 ,    2nd Api Ihana 13.35,      3rd Dan Monoghan 13.80
4th Mick Codner 14.02
5th Tyron Knight 14.04
6th Mark Gorman 15.41
7th Evan Miris 16.22
8th George Miris 16.68
9th Scott Hammond 18.45
10th Ciaron Rodriguez 18.46
11th Ben Manganaro 19.23
12th Tom Hay 19.40
Day 2 Sunday 19/2/17
Special Stage  ( Race 3 )
First up was a rider's meeting, a  quick postmortem of all the things good and some of what needed improvement from the day before, then that out of they way we set the plans for the day ahead .
Dan had planed this track and brought the specs all printed out on sheets of A4 it had a bit of everything , starting in on the left of the first cone didn't seam a big deal , even with a big chalk arrow pointing in the right direction,  had some  DQ  a bit faster then they had planned.
A fun medium paced hybrid track with some large offsets had most riders using the same board set up from the previous day, and the improved cone marshalling,  we had it run and won in a few hours. 
  Evan Miris had his first podium with a 15,08
2nd was Ciaran Rodriguez,
3rd was Jackson Shapiera
4th Paul Carey  
5th George Miris  
6th Tyron Night  
7th Mick Codner 
8th Dan Monaghan 
9th Tom Hay  
10th Dom Brereton 
11th Api Ihana  
12th Mark Gorman 
13th Ben Manganaro 
Hybrid Number 2  ( Race 4 )
The last race of the Newtons IDF weekend was to be the GS but with the event location change we had to go with a 2nd hybrid , I found this track to be free flowing yet challenging and had all the hallmarks  of a world class track , I asked Mick to describe the layout ,
"Hybrid course 2 was my creation .Nothing special first 15 cones were spaced at 6 foot intervals with a slight curve and small offsets leading into a Ritchie wing The Ritchie wing was the creation of OSR and Boyd McMillan. Four cones stagger off the centre line each cone gets further off the centre until your about 1 metre wide, then in this case an off set spaced at nine feet back to centre into a set of staggered off set cones with a GIVE ME cone and into another Ritchie wing going the opposite way to the first ,another nine foot offset and into a straight ten @seven feet to the line . "

Paul Cary showed his years of knowledge when it comes to a Hybrid set outs recording a time of 12.94 ,with more then 1 second between him and 2nd place Mick Codner 14.04 ,,very close behind for 3rd was Dan Monahgan 14.14
4thGareth Fitzgerald 14.45
5th Tyron Night 14.63
6th Miles Jones 15.80
7th Mark Gorman 16.80 
8th George Miris 16.89
9th Evan Miris 17.47
10th Tom Hay 18.40
11th Ben Manganaro 18.95

And that was it folks Round 1 of the 2017 ASRA Slalom year , some quick stats before I go
* Cone count ,,,, Not counting practice runs ,,all set outs consisted of 50 cones x 6 runs = 300 x 4 =1200 Race cones,, Dan Monaghan hit 0
* The fastest non race run time was Jackson Shapiera 11.30 clean
* Mt Panorama is 2828 ft above sea level

A very big thank you to everyone that made the First round of the 2017 ASRA slalom season at Bathurst such a great success , Bathurst Council for the use of Mt Panorama ,,Our sponsors Like Zen for there great Magnesium products for podium prizes ,,The Bathurst Slalom Brains Trust ,, ASRA James Hopkin and all the folks that got the IDF on the Mountain .To the Course marshalls Lou Gorman & Effie Miris for all your hard work over the weekend , you guys did a fantastic job, tabulating the times and keeping all the racers informed, Course setters Mountain Mick & Daniel Monaghan for your world class set outs ,to everyone that chipped in with the daily set up and pull down , to all the racers and free riders that took part, your smiles after a clean run or seeing a few seconds better then your last time, made my weekend., 

Thank you

Mark Gorman
Highlands Slalom

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