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 Australian Skateboard Racing Association Slalom 2017 Race Report 

Hi Folks

First up a big thank you to the Australian Skateboard Slalom Community for your efforts in 2017.   

You ,the riders that travel thousands of kilometres and in some cases spent the same amount to do what we love.

To  the  organizers that put your hand up and run the comps .  The Track Marshals, the  volunteers,  everyone behind the scenes, you guys  keep the wheels rolling.

To ASRA, the Home of Australian Skate board Racing, and to  the Wisden Almanack of all things Skateboard statistics Bernard Griffiths,  for keeping tabs  of the fantastic Slalom year of 2017 .

To our major sponsors Like Zen Magnesium Products , Macs Water Ski World, Goliath, Globe, OCD for all your SWAG and Evan Miris & Martin Pavey for Trophies 

The  racing year was calculated by the 11 ASRA sanctioned events made up of 4 Races in NSW, 3 Races in the ACT, and  4 Races in VIC. (All Events can be viewed at ASRA Via the link at the bottom of the report)

2017 ASRA Slalom Rankings Top 3

1st Paul Carey

2nd Dan Monaghan

3rd Paul Shaddock

Podiums of  year that was. 

Race 1 to 4, New South Wales

The IDF comes to Bathurst Australia.

With the 11th hour changers to the Race venue from Pit entry to Brocks Skyline  ,  many emails and posts late into the night, the Bathurst Brains Trust had it sorted.

Bathurst 18/2/17   

Host (NSW)  By BBT & HOSS

Course setters Dan Monaghan & Mick Codner, laid out world class tracks all weekend, with lots of the IDF big guns running borrowed set ups saw DQs abound 

 Race 1  Tight Slalom

1st     Tyron Knight                     13.42

2nd    Dan Monaghan               13.59

3rd     Mick Codner                   13.70

Race 2


1st  Paul Cary                           12.56

2nd  Api Ihana                         13.35

3rd  Dan Monaghan               13.80

Sunday 19/2/17

Race 3,

 Hybrid 2

1st  Paul Carey                  12.94

2nd  Mick Codner            14.04

3rd  Dan Monaghan        14.14

Race 4,

 Special Stage

1st  Evan Miris

2nd Ciaron Rodriguez

3rd  Jackson Shapeira


National Championships Race 5,6,7  11/3/17

Host (ACT) 

By COSS Track setting by Scott Taylor, Even Miris ,Dan Monahgan, Phil Bond , Mark Gorman 

Race 5

 Dual Lane ( National Championships ) Stromlo

1st Jackson Shapiera

2nd Paul Shaddock

3rd Nick Sable

4th Dave Miller

Race 6 ,100 Cones Stromlo "Clean Only" , This Race seen more DQs then the Russian womans weight lifting team

1st D Monaghan 26.054  Australian Record

2nd J Shapiera

3rd P Shaddock

Race 7  Banked Slalom Ainslie

1st Dave Miller

2nd Paul Carry

3rd Owen Davey


Cone Heads  Master Blaster. Race 8 & 9 Hybrid & 50 Cone  29/7/17,,

Host (VIC) By Moss,, Cone setting by D Monahgan, Merv Rowely

Race 8

1st John McGrath 14.29

2nd Dan Monaghan 14.69

3rd Rob Francis 16.18

Race 9

50 Cone

1st John McGrath (VIC) Record 12.35

2nd Dan Monaghan 12.41

3rd Merv Rowley 15.00


A Day at the Races (Melbourne Cup) Race 10       4/11/17

Host (VIC) By MOSS Cone setting D Monaghan M Rowley 

Race 10

1st John McGrath

2nd Dan Monaghan

3rd Merv Rowley


Masters Slalom  Race 11                10/12/17

Host (VIC) By MOSS Cone setting D Monaghan M Rowley

Race 11

1st J McGrath

2nd M Rowley

3rd D Monaghan

To finish up I would like to give you my top 4 highlights of the year.

Number 1.. Nick Sable.  Less then a year after having a heart attack and being brought back to life more then once, Nick races's in the Nationals and gets a podium with a 3rd place. 

Number 2.. The Miris Clan - Dad Evan , with sons Chris and George ranking 6th ,7th,& 8th in Australia

Number 3.. Dan Monahgan ,Made the effort and raced every ASRA event in 2017 & sets an  Australian record for 100 Cones Clean 26.054 sec

Number 4.. John McGrath  Winning every race he went in and setting a new VIC record for 50 cones Clean in a ASRA sanctioned event of 12.35  sec



Cheers Mark 



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