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Hey there Skateboarders, 

Here is a little something to make you feel a little proud, particularly as we come up to Critmas.

It is a little known fact that there are some of our group who are active in the skate scene but are also active in the area of giving back to the community. These are the punters who not only leave blood and DNA on the roads of Australia, but these little bleeders attend the Blood Bank to donate their finest, that which is termed as 'RED GOLD'.

The results of the Australian Red Cross Blood Bank Club Red Program shows that there have been 19 Blood Donations by ASRA members.

This means that 57 lives have been saved by the actions of our members. Gives me a Woohoo moment.

ASRA Life Savers

Between now and Critmas there will be a big need for blood supplies so if you over 16 and are prepared to roll your sleeve up, skate in to your local Blood Bank and give a little.

You'll get a feed, the world's best biscuit and get a good feeling of having given someone the best Critmas present possible.

If you are a fan of ink, the Blood Bank have reduced the time between you last appearance at the tattooists and the Blood Bank to 4 months.

Over to you. 

Make sure you tell them that you want your donation recorded on the ASRA tally. 

Peace everyone.

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