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Electric Skateboards: Are They The Future Of Skateboarding?

A few years ago, we had an opportunity to see the first electric skateboard. Due to short range, less-powerful electric motor and several other issues, it wasn’t extremely popular. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different electric skateboards, and they are gaining popularity as we speak. An interesting thing to mention is that now you can play flash games that feature electric skateboards. They are available at unblocked games and their number is increasing as well.

Power can make a difference

Obviously, the first and therefore the most important fact, when it comes to this type of skateboards is the power. All of them have small and compact electric motors, usually located between the wheels. Interesting: Some, new versions have electric motors placed in their wheels.

The power of a unit is the main thing, simply because it will be responsible for moving you and your skateboard. The slowest models have an electric motor of 150W, which is plenty, but only if you are a complete beginner. More advanced and suitable models have a power range between 800 and 2.000W. Average electric skateboard should have a 300-400W electric motor. Only if you want a higher top speed and more power, you should get a unit with a more powerful electric motor.

The drive is a completely different fact. Most electric skateboards feature rear-wheel drive, which is sufficient. However, some high-end models offer all-wheel drive. They are definitely a much better alternative, simply because the level of grip will be much higher. You can drive it faster on uneven terrain and make better stunts. Let’s just add the fact that this advantage is noticeable only on electric skateboards with mid and high-power electric motors.

The bi-directional drive is needed, but not mandatory. It is used to move the electric skateboard in two directions, allowing for the drivers to make better stunts and to maneuver their skateboards much faster.

Battery importance

All electric skateboards are powered by a battery obviously. The secret is in the capacity and the charging time. Make sure a quick-charging feature is available because it allows you to recharge it and drive your skateboard again in less time than usual. A real pleasure is batteries fitted in high-end models. They can last for a decade and they are resistant to shocks and vibrations.

Some new models (most of them are still in development) have removable batteries. In essence, you can have two batteries so when one is drained out, you can swap another one.

Regenerative braking is becoming more and more needed. This feature is standard on mist electric cars and it is simple to explain why. It uses braking to generate electricity. Normally, braking force will be transferred into heat, but with this feature, it will be saved as energy. Having an electric skateboard with this feature is more than just recommended.

Range and speed

New electric skateboards are equipped with special features that allow them to maximize the electricity the battery has. Thanks to them, the range is usually 8 miles, which is plenty for a small device like an electric skateboard. Those with regenerative braking usually have longer ranges. Models with a range of 2-3 miles are usually designed for short fun.

Is the speed something you after? Most, electric skateboards can reach 25 miles per hour. Standing while generating and maintaining this speed is a real pleasure and more than just interesting.

A separate fact is a controlling feature. There are two alternatives. The first one uses the remote controller, which is preferred and another one is a wired controller. In no case, choose a model with wire controller. They are more dangerous and more complicated to ride.

Weight and weight capacity

The last point here is the weight. There is no point in having an electric skateboard that is too heavy. Luckily, most models are between 13 and 20 pounds heavy. Lighter ones are made from exotic materials, so they have higher prices.

Weight load is important as well. Having an electric skateboard with a weight load of 350 pounds is perfect. Cheaper models will have a lower weight load.

Electric versus standard skateboard

At the end, we came to the main comparing of the electric and standard skateboard. The bottom line is that electric models are better. They can be used as standard ones and they offer far more capabilities. In addition, they are more sophisticated and interesting. The only drawback is the fact they are not ideal for skateboarding stunts. They are heavier and the materials cannot usually withstand all the jumping and etc. However, several manufacturers announced that they will present stunt-oriented electric skateboards in 2017.

As a way of transportation and a source of fun, electric skateboards are a masterpiece and probably the best type of skateboards ever made.

Skateboarding and tattooed girls is something i will always love!

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ASRA Admin
Comment by bernie on January 18, 2017 at 10:12

Not the future of Skateboarding...skateboarding is way bigger than that!

However, they are useful addition to urban transport!


There is no such thing as a STANDARD SKATEBOARD!

Comment by Emily Lopes on January 19, 2017 at 21:10

Thanks for sharing your opinion @bernie

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