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Cre8ive Sk8 has become a marque sponsor of the IDF World Cup race on Mt Keira

The finishline will be flagged, bagged, tagged and bannered by Cre8tive Sk8.

Cre8tive Sk8 is owned and operated by Australian legend Adrian "Ado" Alderson. He is the original and till the best. You can not call yourself an Australian luger or longboarder if you have not called the guru from Townsville on the phone, and bought some gnar gear. More racing bling lives in Townsville than any other place in the world! Ado is best known for his generous support of the racing scene. The 2009 World Championships would not have happened without his contribution. When ASRA has asked for support he is always there.

Ado boasts an amazing racing team who are some of the fastest skaters in Australia. When one of them flies past the finishline on 14th February, to be Australia's first World Cup race winner, they will be crossing the cr8tive sk8 finishline!

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