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Basement Skate is the first Mt Keira sponsor!

Basement Skate have stepped up and become the first big sponsor for the Mt Keira IDF World Cup.

The crash corner we all know and love will be the Basement Skate corner this year. This corner is the last big corner before the straight to the finish line. Racers legs will be burning, they know their last chance to make a pass is the Basement Skate corner, it is risky, most try it, and as their wheels break, they start sliding towards a big Basement Skate banner to crash into, they will be thinking - dang - I should have bought new wheels at Basement Skate before the race. To add insult to injury, Robbo and his crew have promised to sticker slap every skater who crashes into their corner.

Basement Skate has been a huge scene support. From outlaws to IDF races, they are involved at every level. Support the people who support you. If you are not racing or freeriding at Mt Keira this year, at least stop into Basement Skate at Redfern and buy some gear. It is the only skateshop in Sydney that caters to everyone: skateboarding, longboarding, downhill and freeride. If they dont have it, they can get it.

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