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Updated 9:08pm 7th September
Nominations have closed

The ASRA AGM is here, and we are looking for Board nominations. 

We announced the AGM for Sunday 26th August at 3pm however, the nomination forms did not make it online. We are changing the date to Sunday 9nd September at 3pm. This should give enough time for nominations.

All board positions are available: President, Vice president, Treasurer, Secretary and General Board position.

You need to be a financial member to nominate yourself. The form has membership dropdown fields so you first select yourself from the list of members, and then at the bottom you need to be endorsed by two members. If you are using the printed form, get those members to sign the form or you can print their names on the form. Otherwise, use the online form, and select their name.

If you are having problems with the form, please let me know.

Online form here

Download form here

How does the nomination work?
You need to be a financial ASRA member to be nominated. Having a member profile on this website does not counted. Current members are listed below. If you are not on that list you are not a financial member. If you have just recently paid or join, the list is manually updated, it might take a day to appear. If there is a delay please email

How do I become a financial member?  
Sign up for membership here

How does the voting work?
There will be a vote this year, we dont know how that is going to work. At this stage the idea is to email financial members on Sunday morning and they can cast a vote by return email before 1 or 2pm Sunday afternoon, so we can count the votes and announce before AGM. There will be proxy forms, that will announced tomorrow (Thursday or Friday). 

Current nominations:

Nicole Mills nominated for Secretary. Nicole has been a big part Newtons the last two years, running and organising Castrol Tower. She is part of the Skate Mum Club, mum to Zak and mother to most of the Victorian skate crew! 

Max Heaton nominated for general board position, Max is a skater, and heavily invested in the Queensland, Australian and global downhill scene. 

Mitch Thompson nominated for Vice President, Mitch is ranked in the top 5 downhill skaters in the world, has been a part of organising Newtons the last few years, is apart of the industry via his own wheel brand DUI. 

Gemma Holland nominated for Treasurer, Gemma is a founding member of the QLD association, she bombs hills, races, is part of the Queensland crew and definitely radder than you. 

Jackson Shapiera nominated for General Board position, Jacko is Jacko. He has been there since the first Newtons, has sliced and diced downhill and slalom races around the world. Stokes the world with Shredemite, pro skater with Sector 9 and up for re-election. 

Lance Evans nominated for President, Lance started as a skate dad, and then took up downhill racing on a luge. He has been competing in sports his whole life, running and owning businesses, he is a big part of All Downhill Distribution and brings all that gnar to the ASRA board.

Zak Mills-Goodwin nominated for General Board member, Zak hails from the great state of Victoria, the land of steez and honey. He started skating before he could walk, he hasn't stopped and can be usually found bombing your local hills very fast. He'll bring to the board all that skating experience and community involvement.

Aldo Dezani nominated for General Board member, Aldo is the soul of Sydney downhill longboard scene, he makes boards, and he skates boards. Win, lose or draw he always has a smile on his face and a nice thing to say. He is the type of person you want on your board, he a lifer, skateboarder for life!

Pete Smith nominated for General Board member, Pete is the offical ASRA carny. He has been apart of ASRA since it's inception, and his broad festival experience has been invaluable to ASRA putting together our racing events. He loves his carvy slalom set ups almost as much as he loves his luge. 

Christopher Hardy nominated for General Board member, representing South Australia and rad skating. 

Graham Brittan nominated for General Board member, Grits is a huge part of the luge and downhill scene in Australia, respected and a damn fast racer. 

There are a few notes. Some members might be listed under who has paid their membership (like their mum). Some members we have lost contact with and we will be retiring their membership. Some members have cancelled their subscription but the membership is still active until their year subscription ends. 
If you think you should be on this list, let me know. If your mum, dad or super hero name is listed instead of your real name, I can fix that as well.

Wayne Humphrys
bailey willingham
Andrew Speirs
martin Pavey
Ben Hay
James Hopkin
Aldo Dezani
Glenn Mills
John Reynolds
Rob McWhinnie
Magaly McWhinnie
adam yates
Alexandra Maclachlan
Noel edmondson
Callum O'callaghan-daft
Daniel Guzzardi
Cal Andrews
matthew rae
Zane Bonser
Paul Carey
Gemma Holland
Tim Green
Michael English
Mick Ikin
Mark Gorman
Ben Hay
Korrie Bonnici
Scott Taylor
Bernard Griffiths
Alfred Eves
philip bond
Mark Keller
Roni Dylan Villanueva
natalie driscoll
owen davey
Jamie Gwillim
David Miller
Javier Gonzalez
Ross Sulfaro
Nicole Mills
Mitch Thompson
Zak Mills-Goodwin
Jackson Shapiera
Lance Evans
Max Heaton
Phil Shapcott
Jackson Loney
Pete Smith
Haggy Strom
Christopher Hardy
Graham Brittain

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Premium Member
Comment by Grits on September 3, 2018 at 8:29
Has there been any further nominations?
Comment by zak mills-goodwin on September 3, 2018 at 13:36

How do I renew my paying membership? I'm sure other people would like to know this as well!

ASRA Admin
Comment by bernie on September 3, 2018 at 18:00

Paypal should still work. 
My annual subscription goes to

When Hop sees your paypal record he will update your membership.

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