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July 2009 News Stories (6)

Scoot beats Mischo to the line for the win!

Race Report: The Graveyard Call Day 3

Written by Marcus Rietema

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Scoot Smith reaches across the line to beat Mischo Erban in the final. Photo Bob Ozman

Argonay, France- Scoot Smith (CAN) nearly crashed out in the final about 25 meters (75') from the finish line…

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Pilloni qualifies #1 in Argonay

Race Report: The Graveyard Call Day 2

Written by Marcus Rietema IGSA

Sat, 25 July 2009

Louis Pilloni crosses the finish line to earn the #1 Qualifying position. Photo Marcus…
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The Graveyard Call

Race Report: The Graveyard Call Day 1

Written by Marcus Rietema

Friday, 24 July 2009

Course described as the world's best!

Jackson Shapiera rounds the final corner toward the finish. Photo Marcus Rietema

Argonay, France- Many riders didn't know what to expect when they traveled to Argonay, France for the Graveyard Call. After all, the race was a replacement event after Almabtrieb was canceled and some… Click here for the full story

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Merge Magazine Interview

--Before we saw your films we didn’t even know what speedboarding was. Is there an easy way to describe what speedboarding is and why you do it?--

Well basically Speedboarding is a sport which involves racing down big, winding hills on special skateboards designed to reach high speeds (I'm talking 120kmph). The way I tend to explain it to help those outsiders understand a little bit better; its the stand-up version of the well known sport "Street Luge".

Most people… Click here for the full story

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Daddow Strikes Back

Steve Daddow won his first Conehead Cup race of 2009, remaining undefeated throughout the day and striking back at his main rival Jackson Shapiera who had to settle for second. Nathan Paff took third by edging out Haggy Strom by 0.03 of a second.

This was Melbourne's first time hosting the Conehead Cup, and the classic Melbourne winter weather; cold, wet and windy, was appreciated by all. The morning produced loads of frustration; the racers were unable to practice… Click here for the full story

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Some history

I started skateboarding at age 8, originally to be like Tony Hawk, but latter on I wanted to pull impossibles like Rodney Mullen, then after many of an accident and the local skate bowl being overrun by an gang, I decided at 14 to quit it. During my previous years skateboarding I always had an itch to try out other, not the average double kicker, skateboards and this is where my intrest in accuring an 1970s surfboard-like single kicker skateboard grew from.

After quiting at 14, I… Click here for the full story

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