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Mt Keira Downhill Challenge 2016 Race Info

Are you's less than four days til the return of Mt Keira to the IDF World Tour. Here are some of the when, what, and how details.



  • Friday: Freeride and practice, all day
  • Saturday: Timed qualifying, and possibly some rounds of repechage racing in the late afternoon
  • Sunday: Head-to-head racing



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Newtons Nation Final Wrap

Mt. Panorama, Bathurst: Kevin Reimer continued his dominance over the competition, making it three wins out of three at Newtons Nation. In a blistering final he passed Douglas Dalua Silva while coming out of the Dipper, and took on the notorious Forest Elbow with the barest of airbrakes, skimming the bales and rocketing down Conrod Straight with too much exit speed for the rest to catch.

Micah Green passed Dalua in the final straight to take second and cap an…

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Newtons Nation Day 2 Wrap

Alex Tongue took home $1,000 in today's Sector 9 Top 10 Shootout, beating track-record holder Kevin Reimer in an exciting day's racing. One of the favourites, Brazilian Douglas "Dalua" Silva almost missed the shootout after crashing heavily earlier in the day, but got up off the massage table only to post an uncharacteristically slow time.

Earlier Canadian Dillon Stephens qualified for tomorrow's finals in first place, beating out two-time winner Kevin Reimer, Alex…

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Newton's 2013 Race Format Revealed

It should be simple - the fastest guy down the hill wins. And while a China Bomb has a certain charm, we've gone the extra mile to come up with a way to run Newtons 2013 so that everybody gets the maximum amount of runs and stoke, while making sure that the fastest guy down the hill still wins.

It's a brand new format that has never been used before at World Cup level. Read below for all the gory details.

Open skateboard…

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2012 ASRA Champions

After the biggest year of racing in Australia's history we can now declare the fastest riders in Australia. Congratulations to:

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2013 Mt. Keira Challenge Cancelled

In a major piece of disappointing news, Wollongong City Council has closed Mt. Keira Rd for repairs due to concerns over public safety. The road is in danger of slipping off the edge of the mountain, and the cliff face above the road also needs to be stabilised in order to prevent rock falls. The required road works will not be completed in time for the 2013 Mt. Keira Challenge, and…

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NACOSS Rules the Gnarpark

At a secret location in the dark heart of NACOSS, 45 skaters shredded the multi-story gnarpark yesterday until midnight. The podium was an all NACCOS affair, with Glen Mills triumphing with a time of 35.59 seconds, closely followed by friends Paul Shaddock and Ryan Nickles.

Lea Robbo was the fastest of the women, and there were too many groms to figure out who was the fastest, but Jack Meyn is the fastest runner - he always seems to get the long-distance proddy…

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Announcement: ASRA Rider Rego System


ASRA is proud to unveil our new rider rego system. If you're organising a race you can use this system to register riders and collect their rego fees prior to your race. It's free, it's easy, and it takes away one of the big headaches of organising a race.

So what is it exactly? If you're organising a race, ASRA will create a Rider Registration Form especially for your event. Riders will have to use this form to register and pay prior to attending the race.…

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Kongwak Race Report

Words by Sean Meaney

Kongwak was a sick event put on by some great riders. Cam and Louis really know how to throw an event together, the traffic was very well controlled and the hill was absolutely amazing; nice and steep sweepers leading into a banked hairpin and then running out into a right handed turn before crossing the finish. Speeds where up around 60kph+ and there were plenty of guys who sorely regretted not bringing leathers, or in Ben's case, elbow…

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Message from El Presidente

Greetings fellow longboarders!

Welcome to 2011 and another year of exciting things happening here with ASRA.

Looking back over the past year there has been a tremendous growth in this sport we all love and do - longboarding. When I first moved to Australia nearly eight years ago you would rarely see anyone with a longboard. Nowadays they are everywhere. I've skated my local haunt in Manly for the past three years without seeing a single other person there skating.…

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Announcement: ASRA Downhill Rankings

Welcome to the launch of the perpetual ASRA Downhill Rankings. 2010 has seen an explosion of downhill races throughout Australia, so from this moment on we're going to start collating the results and officially ranking all downhill riders in Australia.

We will start the rankings from January 1, 2011, which means the winner of the first race next year will become the No. 1 ranked rider in Australia, at least for a little while. Subsequent races will be added, and once…

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B-Rad and Haggy Share the Spoils

The 2010 Australian Slalom Series kicked off on the weekend with a double-header, with B-Rad Pearson dominating in the ditch, and Haggy Strom returning from the wilderness to take out the head-to-head slalom. B-Rad and Nathan Paff share the overall lead on a crowded list, with only two points separating the top four.

Kincumber Ditch

NACCOS riders swept the podium at Kincumber. Traditional Kincumber master Glen Mills took second, with Ben Hay close… Click here for the full story

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Leeso Reigns Over the Hill

On a day when the rain never stopped, Corey Leeson pipped Steve Daddow by less than the length of a wheel to take out the 2010 Master of the Hill. Phill Champion took out the luge with an undefeated series of convincing wins, while Merrick Wildash took out the Junior Skateboard in equally convincing fashion. Rounding out the day was Cooper Kruize who won the Grom division in his first ever race.

The Blue Mountains weather can be unpredictable, but on Saturday… Click here for the full story

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Newton's Rider Profile: Rob McWhinnie

Rob McWhinnie is one of those people who live a little "off-the-grid"; they seem to float around the ether before landing in front of you with a bang. Rob has been a quiet achiever for a while, but now he looks set to make his mark. He's a gifted all-round skater possessed of an effortless style, and with a new-found determination to dominate the downhill scene.

We caught up with Rob at his pad in the heart of Bomb Squad territory.

Enough of that mountain…

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Newton's Rider Profile: Ching-Ling Ho

Everybody who stands at the top of Mt. Panorama has butterflies before pushing themselves towards the drop-off where the esses lie hidden and waiting. For Ching-Ling Ho it will be her first race, and with only a year-and-a-half of skate experience and confined to the flatlands of Melbourne, Ching could be excused for having more butterflies than most.

We chewed the fat with Ching to find out where's coming from and where she's going. …

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Newton's Rider Profile: Nick Duffield

Watching Nick Duffield take on a hill is like a maths lesson; the eery precision of his lines gives him an effortless speed that no other luger or skater can match. At this year's Beat the Bastard freeride he blew everybody away with his combination of precision and fearlessness, and it'll be no surprise if he repeats his '08 Newton's Luge win in three weeks time at Mt. Panorama.

We caught up with the fastest man in Australia to find out a little more about… Click here for the full story

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Newton's Rider Profile: Leigh Griffiths


Adelaide's reputation for producing bizarrely sadistic murderers needs an update; it's become home to a new tribe of young longboarders who shred the dry hills that ring the city. The fastest of this tribe is Leigh Griffiths, a quietly spoken guy who somehow always finds a way to the front of the pack down the hill.

We tracked Leigh down to his… Click here for the full story

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Newton's Rider Profile: Gabe Gwynne

Gabe leads Robbo through the esses at Waterworld

One of the youngest riders at Newton's '09 will be Gabe Gwynne from Sydney. Although still young enough to be at school, Gabe is carving out a reputation in the Sydney downhill scene as one to watch at Newton's.

Gabe has a few big advantages over other riders his age; he's fast, fearless, and he's been mentored by a hard-riding group of…

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Pump Station Delivers

Jackson Shapiera survived a challenge from UK slalom ace Paul Price to register his fifth win from seven races to cap a dominant year in the 2009 Conehead Cup. Price came second just 0.3 second behind, pushing Nathan Paff into third place by only 0.1 second.

The final race of the 2009 Conehead Cup lacked the drama of the 2008 final. Last year was a shootout between Jackson Shapiera and Steve Daddow, but this year the top two had been decided in advance, with Jackson… Click here for the full story

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Jackson Clinches Conehead Cup '09

Jackson Shapiera dominated the Canberra leg of the Conehead Cup with wins in both the Stromlo dual-slalom and the Ainslie Ditch. Rival Steve Daddow had a tough weekend with two fourth places and two bad slams, while B-rad Pearson finally put his all-round skating ability into effect with a sixth placing at Stromlo and a second at Ainslie.

With four wins and two second places in his six races, Jackson has built an unassailable lead in this years points race. Wih just one… Click here for the full story

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