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At a secret location in the dark heart of NACOSS, 45 skaters shredded the multi-story gnarpark yesterday until midnight. The podium was an all NACCOS affair, with Glen Mills triumphing with a time of 35.59 seconds, closely followed by friends Paul Shaddock and Ryan Nickles.

Lea Robbo was the fastest of the women, and there were too many groms to figure out who was the fastest, but Jack Meyn is the fastest runner - he always seems to get the long-distance proddy toss.

The results

Name Fastest Time Slowest Time Avg Time
1 glenn mills 35.59 36.45 35.93
2 paul shaddock 35.99 36.34 36.18
3 ryan pickles 36.02 36.27 36.16
4 neil duddy 36.40 37.86 37.01
5 rob scott 36.93 39.09 38.33
6 david blackwood 37.24 37.45 37.34
7 dave traina 37.29 37.93 37.61
8 haggy strom 37.89 38.26 38.08
9 uan eriksen 37.92 38.19 38.02
10 colin beck 37.92 38.61 38.17
11 simon duber 38.09 40.40 39.42
12 tom wolinski 38.19 38.63 38.36
13 steve hynd 38.22 38.73 38.44
14 jack meyn 38.46 38.89 38.68
15 ben hay 38.53 38.53 38.53
16 chuck hunter 38.58 58.38 45.22
17 lachlan brown 38.62 39.40 39.13
18 paul carey 38.63 39.28 38.89
19 bradley sterritt 38.70 39.18 38.91
20 phil bartlett 38.72 39.37 39.05
21 nathan paff 38.75 39.50 39.10
22 nick drummond 39.15 40.99 40.06
23 justin schneider 39.16 41.60 40.40
24 jordan fisher 39.19 39.49 39.31
25 brendan fewre 39.26 39.75 39.57
26 matt scott 39.62 40.65 40.22
27 patrick hurel 39.80 40.62 40.20
28 rob gray 40.25 41.15 40.65
29 lea robbo 40.60 42.50 41.24
30 caspian nicholls 40.65 40.85 40.73
31 lee lancaster 40.65 42.00 41.40
32 nate couzin 40.66 41.54 41.19
33 josh corkery 40.73 40.73 40.73
34 cam wright 40.92 43.20 41.84
35 ben wilson 41.75 43.80 42.46
36 jacob corbett 41.88 42.29 42.14
37 declan cassidy 41.91 42.23 42.11
38 jake holder 42.91 43.62 43.18
39 james farrelly 43.44 43.44 43.44
40 tavis rwitten 43.70 109.46 70.34
41 billy alchin 44.00 44.45 44.22
42 imogen mcmillan 45.02 52.08 48.31
43 ty baata 45.40 52.73 48.22
44 astrid carey 47.63 114.81 70.24
45 evie carey 48.28 56.20 51.37

(Detailed results showing every run)


Many thanks to PC for organising the event, Blackwood for taking names and cash, Lisa for the photos, the finish line helpers, and of course the sponsors:

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Comment by Callum Tobutt on June 19, 2011 at 21:39
can we have one of these..... during the day?

Premium Member
Comment by Brendan Fewre on June 20, 2011 at 0:04
there would be way to many cars in the day

Premium Member
Comment by PC on June 20, 2011 at 1:49

Thanks for the write up & results Bugs.

You forgot to mention a big thanks to Robbo, Haggy & yourself for the hard work you did with running the timing system. Made it a real pro event.

Another thanks goes to Boyd for doing spotting duties all night too

Our other surprise sponsor of the night & 6th place getter was Blackwood with some goodies from

Complete Raddness. Thanks Aussie.

Some incredibly close times in the results.

Stoked with the turn out & being able to skate all night undisturbed.


Callum, There would be no possible way of running 1 during the day.

The place has cameras running during peak times & is regularly patrol in the day times.

Christmas day might be the only day of the year you could get away with it.

We were lucky on the night. We had a complaint from state rail to the security guards, who came around.

Fortunately they were greeted by the always diplomatic & charming Haggy on the ground floor, who spoke

with them briefly & was told the police would be there soon. We guessed the police might have been busy

with more urgent problems in the community other than some people having fun on skateboards in a carpark.

So we continued on undisturbed till midnight. Gold.


Hope everyone enjoyed the pump hump too. Next time we might do a rooftop skatercross course too.


Comment by caspian nicholls on June 20, 2011 at 9:26

thanks for the fun night


Premium Member
Comment by ryan nicholls on June 20, 2011 at 12:08

How did we pull that off?45 skaters in a carpark......

I love these sort of events,downhill races are awesome but these events are super fun....

carparks ditch slalom pathways whatever get on it,you will be better riders for it.

Anyway it was a great way to spend a saturday night skating and chilling in naccos land,

all you young guys were ripping down...big pushes into the start line and close times at the finish!

thanks PC and family,Boyd,ASRA and sponsors!Nothing like a product toss to finish.epic



Premium Member
Comment by nathan on June 20, 2011 at 13:10

Thanks PC and family, was great to get out of the house and catch up with crew, fun place to skate too!  Cant wait to do it again.


PC everyone loved your double pump lump! I could see everyones brains ticking over at the possibilities!! I reckon next NACCOS event we divide up amongst anyone keen that we all become responsible for making and transporting one obstacle (like pump lump, flat bank, tunnel etc) and we have a go at skatercross!!!!!


Start ramp to double pump lump, to fat bank wall with cone on the wall, to tunnel to table top etc YEEEW!!!!

I'd be happy to build a couple of things to chuck in my trailer.

Premium Member
Comment by haggy on June 20, 2011 at 13:35

PC - thanks for organising the evening, it was great fun.  the pumpy lumpy humpy was super fun.  Would be cool to do head-to-head push races around the top one or two floors of the garage, incorporating skatercross obstacles...


Congrats to Naccos for taking out the win!  Man, you guys are unstoppable... And Blackwood in 6th - what?!! rippin boss...


Also, big thanks to Blue Mountains Man (sorry dude, forgot your name now) who manned the finish line the whole night and radio'd in problems and such.  Rad effort.


See you all at the Pins next weekend!


Loved seeing all the groms there zipping around all over the place and having a ball! 

Premium Member
Comment by Nate C on June 20, 2011 at 14:28
The bloke on the finish was the mysterious "big rig". He also drove me up and back just to have a skate. Big ups big rig and also all the naccos crew. Good times.

Premium Member
Comment by Stephen Daddow on June 20, 2011 at 21:36

The Grom Squad take it out !!! Yeah boys !!!!

Comment by Evie Carey on June 21, 2011 at 15:36

Such a rad night, thanks heaps to dad for organising it and to all the people that turned up to make it such a great event.

Congrats to Glenn that got 1st... NACCOS!!!

and to Lea for the fastest girl, you're such an inspiration for me!


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