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Jackson Shapiera took out his third Conehead Cup race of 2008 at the Pump Station on Saturday while arch-rival Steve Daddow took second. Haggy Strom returned from injury to take third place.

The result gave Jackson the points he needed to clinch the overall win in the 2008 Conehead Cup. Steve was just a few points behind in second place, while Paul Carey came in third.

The 2008 Conehead Cup started with a race defined by the weather, and on Saturday morning it looked like it might end the same way. The mountains were shrouded in a cold fog and persistent light drizzle, and no amount of weather-optimism seemed to capable of clearing it. Just as in Canberra the racers adjourned to a nearby multi-story carpark to burn off some tension and wait for conditions to improve.

And by mid-afternoon they finally did. The road dried out, the course was set and everything was ready to begin, and then...the rain came again, causing another tension-filled wait for the road to dry.

Despondency began to set in, but miraculously the road dried again, and at 4:30pm the race, which had been scheduled to start at 10am, began.

Right from the start it was awe-inspiring to see the way everybody attacked what was a fast, steep and difficult course. Jackson and Steve employed contrasting styles. Steve double- and tripled-pumped his way around the big offsets, while Jackson opted for single big powerful pumps. Steve's method had proved itself in the past, but this time Jackson was consistently faster, with a clean and efficient line and less wheel-scrubbing.

Nathan Paff set the early running with a powerful drop-knee surf-style before being overtaken by a rusty Haggy Strom. And in one of the bigger surprises of the day, the normally consistent Paul Carey could only manage 7th place, more than 3 seconds behind Jackson.

Time Name
1 26.27 Jackson Shapiera
2 26.69 Steve Daddow
3 28.19 Haggy Strom
4 28.28 Nathan Paff
5 28.66 Paul Shaddock
6 28.72 Colin Beck
7 29.56 Paul Carey
8 30.35 Bradley Sterritt
9 31.01 David Blackwood
10 31.07 Sean Mussett
11 31.39 John Gray
12 31.95 Peter Smith
13 32.38 Neil Willlington
14 32.63 Jason Wright
15 33.10 Dave Pang
16 33.71 Sean Cunningham
17 33.72 Daniel Hobbs
18 33.73 Alex Martin
19 34.15 Scott Guthrie
20 34.83 Richie Thompson
21 - Jonathan Boles
21 - Ben Gray

Conehead Cup Overall Placings

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To see the photos individually, click here.


* Everybody for keeping the stoke going throughout a long and sometimes frustrating day, and then for leaving the Pump Station spotless clean and ready for another day!

* Lea Shapiera for (wo)manning the magic spreadsheet and takin' the $.

* Simon for being start-line nazi.

* Groundhangers for timing and co-ordinating the starts with Simon.

* Baz and all the cone-heads.

* Baz and Jess and Dave and all the other chefs who kept us fed all weekend.

* The Robbo siblings, Dave and Lea, for being fantastic hosts and creating the ASRA Clubhouse.

* Mountain Mick for prepping the mountain.

* Everybody chipped in all weekend long in a million ways - thank you all.

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Premium Member
Comment by Jacko on November 3, 2008 at 18:44
I would also like to extend my thanks to the entire ASRA family. You all put in so much work to get this happening and it puts smiles on so many faces, its more than just an organization, its now a family.
I have had such an epic time hanging out with everybody and skating with the crew right from day one it kept me coming back, and i have been lucky enough to be taught by the best and pushed harder and harder to get me where i am, so big thanks to you guys your my heros.
This family is seriously achieving alot in the world of skateboard racing and if we all keep doing what we are doing we are going to get recognized as a main stream sport, which would be so damn sick coz this sort of sport consists of the radest, most friendliest dudes (and dude-ettes) ive ever met, and if we can make that family grow that would be incredibly epic.
Well done to everyone that raced i saw so many people shredding and getting better and better as time went on and its so sick to see alot of new people getting into the sport.
Big thanks to Haggy, Steve and Pc, you guys rip so hard and its always an honor to be skating with you. Ive learnt so much from you guys over the past year and to get up to your level is such an achievement. So stoaked you guys are always havin fun coz it would be alot different if everyone was too serious.
Biggest thanks goes to Hop. He is the man. Ive never seen a dude so dedicated to getting a sport (and the family that goes with it) to grow. Without the support hes given us it would have been alot harder. You have also been a great sponsor helping me out with traveling and getting me gear, it has made a big difference to how my skating year would have turned out. You a legend man and im so thankful.



ASRA Admin
Comment by Bugs on November 3, 2008 at 18:50
One thing I forgot - the box of prizes from Cr8iveSk8 that didn't arrive in time for the race - well, they've arrived today at the post office and I'll pick 'em up tomorrow, and then deliver them to the worthy winners.

Also big thanks to Decent Hardware for the custom board bag prize!
Comment by Hop on November 3, 2008 at 19:32
The sponsors for this year's Conehead Cup have been fabulous. Everyone from local skateshops to distributors to manufacturers. ASRA really appreciated the support.
2008 has been a special year. It was less than 12 months ago I called Jackson with the challenge of winning the Conehead Cup. He has done Hopkin Racing proud. I am still amazed at what he has achieved this year. He exceeded my expectations of showing how competitive a young person could be if they were given the right support.
ASRA is only as good as the community that helps it grow. Big thanks to everyone that contributed to the success of ASRA this year. You are the ASRA family.
If half of what we have planned comes off in 2009, it is going to be huge and a lot of fun. And ASRA has plans for everyone to help next year. Even if it is just handing out ASRA stickers at the local skatepark one Saturday or hassling your local skateshop to carry race boards. In 2009 the ASRA Army gets mobilised. You have all been warned.
2008 was big. 2009 we pour petrol on the fire.
Comment by Groundhangers on November 3, 2008 at 21:47
Congrats Jackson, in around a year you have taken your self from the bottom and managed to knock off every rider from small sessions one by one to be the ultimate champion in the CHC and your still getting faster. Technique, practice and hard work always pays off but add natural talent to the mix and it makes a person practically unbeatable.
This years racing has seen some amazing changes regarding placings and after witnessing some of the new talent, you just know the list will change again. Just who will rise next year?
This newly made ASRA family is totally amazing, The whole coarse was set in amazing time this weekend. Everyone just seemed to know what to do with out a word spoken. People was carrying shit loads of luggage helping each other. The track was immaculate, banners were set, timing went down and signing up and timing went through like a breeze, at the end, it reversed just as quick. It was a professional race run in two hours and i think everyone deserves acknowledgment for that. Go the family!!
2009 is going to be the year, i can just feel it. The Cup will be faster than ever before. ASRA will be more technical, the races will be more professional and demanding.
So while Hops pouring the guzaline ill be throwing the odd pressure pak in.
Comment by Brad NS on November 3, 2008 at 23:10
Congrates to Jacko ! Big thanks to ASRA and everyone one who help organise and run the great races during the year . Thanks to ALL the sponsors off the events this year HOPKINS RACING , CREATIVE SK8 and everyone i have forgot ! BIG thanks to all my fellow NACCOS team mates for all the exellent advise and training you have given me on slalom this yr , PC and OSR can take credit for much off my improvment ! Have to thank my sponsors OMNI bearings and Newcastle skate shop thanks owen and Cary for your support guys !!!
Bring on 09

Premium Member
Comment by haggy on November 4, 2008 at 9:40
Dear All,

Thanks for being part of the second Conehead Cup series. It has been a terrific success for ASRA and for skateboard racing in Oz. Next year will be bigger. We are committed to bringing the Conehead Cup to Queensland and Victoria, in addition to current dates in NSW and the ACT. We will be putting together a schedule in the next month hopefully, so stay posted.

In addition to all the work on the event days, a lot of preparation and behind-the-scenes work goes into putting on these events. But as Greg mentioned we all work really well as a team now. This was evident at the Pump Station and at the other events. On that note I really want to commend the NACCOS and CROSS guys for running their events with a high degree of organisation. Many hands make light work.

Big thanks to all those mentioned above and everyone else who has pitched in along the way.

Congrats to all the winners and grinners!

And I want to give special thanks to Bugs. You all have no idea how much time he spends on ASRA. You rip dude!

President - ASRA

Premium Member
Comment by Stephen Daddow on November 4, 2008 at 13:25
Congratulations Jackson for the last win and taking out the series. You have prover yourself as the best and also in the Downhill. Keep on ripping. Its been a pleasure skating with you all over the world and here at home.
ASRA and the team did a great job this year with the races and thanks very much for the races.
Thanks to Hop at Skatehorde ,Adrain at Cre8ive Sk8 , RedBull, Rhythm, Skins and the Early Skate Team for all the support this season...
Great season and good times ahead..
Comment by Fletch on November 6, 2008 at 10:42
Congratulations Jackson, and to all involved with the Conehead Cup.
I only got to the Canberra races, but what i saw was inspirational, not just the racing but the friendship, advice and stoke that was extended to me by all involved, old friends and new. Thanks, for one of, if not my best weekend in 08

Slalom, ditch and downhill racing will grow and I can see them becoming a major part of skateboarding in Australia, the work of ASRA, event sponsors and us, the competitors, will ensure it does. A great job by all involved in 08.

Can't wait till 09.
Comment by Jeremy Rodgers on November 8, 2008 at 22:07
From all the early skateboards australia boyz a big congratulations to Jackson, Steve, ASRA and the conehead cup for another magic series. Sorry we didn't have the funds for travelling down this year. Europe put a big dent but was trully a crazy ride on tour. The Aussie's unoffically will finish the 4th country out of nearly 30 nations, shows the level of riding in this country mixing it with the world. Proud to be a part of the development of skateboard racing in Australia and am super excited about the up and coming 2009 season. Fingers crossed Early skateboards will have decks soon,

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