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Premium handcrafted skateboards, made in Australia from a Professional Skateboarders point of view. With a worldly knowledge of the sport and an understanding of the riders and what they want, Daddow Skateboards can cater to everyone from the novice to the hard core pro. Our innovative designs are already winning races and allowing riders to achieve speeds and cornering like never before.

Daddow Skateboards will be there to help push the scene of Longboarding and Racing for years to come!! Be a part of the new revolution and join the Daddow Army and share the stoke of the Longboarding experience that will become your lifestyle.



This board is Awesome! Designed and hand crafted in Australia, The Daddow 120-Y is a gnar eating top mount that proves that good things come in small packages.

The slight Camber and 'W'-Cave will feel super comfortable under your feet. Plus the rails let you know exactly where you're feet are placed on the board at all times, letting you stay focused on the road and improve your riding. Stay confident and flat out lookin' cool through corner and slide transitions.

The Daddow Skateboards 120-Y is suited for any situation, whether it's Bombing hills, thrashing the Freeride or just Cruising around town.

So get yourself a 120-Y and Share the Stoke of the Original Top Mount.

The Daddow Praxis, one of three in the Infinities Series. Built for speed, with its lowered platform and extreme lock in concave it will have you going faster then you ever have before. Whether you're bombing the gnarly hills of "RADelaid" or racing down the iconic Mount Panorama The Praxis will make you feel in control at whatever speed you are going.

The platform makes this skateboard an excellent board for doing big fast stand up slides or drifting into corners because you have a real connection with the curves of the board.

Australian made with a flawless finish and excellent construction. Treat this board with love and it will love you for a long time.



The Gnosis is the 1st of the Infinities Series. Meaning 'To Know', The Gnosis is Daddow Skateboards 1st all knowing, all purpose Longboard. The Gnosis is a great skateboard for everything from Freeriding and Bombing your Favorite hills to the Big Race.

This Hybrid comprises of 2 layers of Triaxial fiberglass sandwiched between the outer veneers making The Gnosis a solid & strong board. The low Camber gives you a sturdy ride while being flexible enough to absorb the shock on rough roads and smooth out the ride.

The Gnosis comes with a wide platform and an original shape. Our slight 'W'-Cave runs through the length of the board with a 4° kick-up at the front to give the rider extra turning stability and a solid Foot Placement.

The Gnosis knows how to get it done! It's a great Race Board for the Novice to the Professional.

Introducing the Platypus by Daddow Skateboards. Now it doesn't get much more Australian than this. Daddow's poppy Platy is one of the most versatile Monotremes on the market. The bouncy flex, slight concave and drop-through mounting are ideal for going walkabout distances as large as the Nullarbor.

The subtle 'W'-Cave is beaut for throwing down bonzer stand up slides and slashing outback roads or streets in the big smoke. The large nose and tail allow the Platypus to feel right at home in the banks at the skatepark.

This board is perfect for cruising down to check the surf, bouncing to the shops or tearing apart your local hills. The bamboo construction ensures the Platypus endless survival so you can early grab, boardslide and ollie yourself into The Dreamtime!



Sold as a Pair with Velcro® hooks, these Ruff Pucks come in 2 varieties. Slicks and Super Slicks.

Slicks are great for adding more control to your slides. Looking for slide pucks with breaking power, these are for you. They only come in one colour, white. But who cares….your just gunna grind 'em against the concrete anyway.

Super Slicks are for serious slide action, no stopping power here! Super solid, super slick. They only come in one colour, black. But who cares….your just gunna grind 'em against the concrete anyway. They cost a bit more but they last way longer so they're a great buy.

We all know that skating isn't just about how you feel but how you look, style counts. And like the old saying goes 'If you look good you feel good, if you feel good you skate great!'. So we've taken these age old words of wisdom and put them to good use by selling you shirts. Now you can look and feel cool even when you're not skating.

Look good, feel good, skate great in a Daddow Skateboards T-Shirt.



For more info contact Steve via PM on ASRA or fill out the Contact Us form on my webpage



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last of the skulls, if I didnt already have one i would buy it, just starting to freeride mine & i am amazed how it handels, so stable best board ive ever ridden keep up the good work Daddow.
Great board great fun but mines faster.

nah pokeyz is !!!!

Jamie Gwillim said:

Great board great fun but mines faster.
After seeing these in action. I was gobsmacked..
Worth the buy, but I can't part with my Praxis
Steve, nice page upgrade mate. Big faarrken BUMP
Rad page update steve looks sweet, nice job

The New 120 Y ready to go !!!! $230

send me a message if your interested. 


Thanks for all your help RobTec and Hopkins!  You guys rock !!!

Robbo said:

Steve, nice page upgrade mate. Big faarrken BUMP

Its 8 mm drop and very comfy !!

Dylan Danger Batty said:

how deep is the drop on the praxis?


those 120 y look so goood. droooling


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im going crazy over that graphic! but i love my graphic better! trade you some raceforms for a deck? hahaha

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