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Hey guys, Sean with Surf-Rodz here. Wanted to tell you about the latest developments from the SZ collective.

Surf-Rodz Trucks

Surf-Rodz Trucks, The precision racing trucks we've been working on this year, are complete and ready to roll! Just some quick info about the trucks...

Base Plate / Hanger Material: 6061-T6511 Aircraft Grade Aluminum per AMS QQ-A-200/8
Base Plate Angle: 45 Degree
Bolt Pattern: 6-hole
Machined speed rings on hanger and SZ custom bolt axle
10mm Precision wheel Spacers
Axle Size: Precision 10mm axles as per ISO 7379
Hanger Width: 3mm Offset, Reversible 200mm (can be extended up to 240mm optional)
Axle Information: Removable, Class 12.9 Alloy Steel,
Split Axle: Yes
Pivot: Standard
Pivot Cup: Urethane
Kingpin Hole: Standard
Base is 0.331 lbs (150.14 grams)
Hanger is 0.543 lbs (246.30 grams)

Smooth turning and extremely stable
Low Ride Height
Custom options and upgrades

Proudly made in Seymour, CT USA.

Here at SZ we're all about the collective spirit and getting everyone involved, so we're always looking for dedicated riders who want to help out with the development.

The trucks start at $159 USD, and we've got numerous upgrades available.

If you have any questions or comments about the trucks, please feel free to email either myself ( or Wayne (

Get involved!

Sean Leitch
Surf-Rodz, LLC.

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no that price does not include shipping

review in here somewhere
they look pretty similar to the big 80's...
Nick Threapleton said:
The problem with these is the fact that they don't have symeteical threading which means that there is the possibilty that the left side axle can unscrew while your riding.I'm sure it could be fixed with a bit of loctite on the thread.

Part of the bolt is machined to a smaller diameter, which, combined with the set screw (hole is visible in the cutaway picture), prevents the axle from unscrewing. In testing without the set screw system, we never encountered any issues; the set screw was added as a fail-safe to ease concerns some people still had. We have not yet tested with Loc-Tite on the threading. If you do see fit to use it, I recommend a low-strength version so as to make sure you can still remove your axles.

Price does not include shipping.
so what would average shipping be to Australia?
I knocked up the same design proto in about 3 hrs using manual milling machines.........3yrs ago.
No point whinging about who stole what idea and all that bullshit. It wasn't long after I came up with the idea I found out Carveboards have the same shoulder screw axles design, so I wasn't the first anyway even though I came up with the idea myself.
I had a product ready to go then faced production cost problems making them locally then wham, Stridie hits the market with yet another, very similar version. Doh!
dude do u have any of those left? i wanna race on one of them for the 2010 CHC
I raced them in the 2009 series all year !!! as a rear truck and they were AWSOME !! Fitz rules !!!!!!!! oh yeh
how tall are these trucks exactly sean?
Steve, (and anyone else) I don't have that information on hand, but I'll be sure to get it. For now you're welcome to email Wayne ( for this type of thing, though I'll be sure to post here when I find out as this will probably be a common question from an Australian forum, haha.

Steve said:
so what would average shipping be to Australia?

I don't have the trucks in front of me to measure, but my drawings show 58.5mm, bottom of baseplate to center of axle.

One test rider likened the ride height to that of a Kahalani.

tom Crane said:
how tall are these trucks exactly sean?

Oh, and I forgot to mention, they're fully drop-through compatible. Should fit all templates, and unless you're running a really unusual setup, you won't get hanger bite.

So far as we've tested, they fit every bushing on the market. Reflex bushings are a tight fit and Venom Eliminators are extremely restricting, but they'll fit.
As listed on the Purchase page on the truck website, shipping should be around $12-17 USD.

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