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Boards available form or and coming to a shop near you!!!

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sick !! so stoked on my whyte line swallow

Hells yea!!


the low rider looks sick does it have w?

no w luke, you dont need or want it with this board. Aggressive concave on the rail and nice drop, you always know where your feet are.

stoked that the lowrider has made a return, god damn  i just wish i had the spare coin to justify one

all amazing boards, I have owned or ridden everyone and they are all so perfect for what they are made for, going down hills fast and stylish!


I am digging so hard on my scud ATM such a great concave, but can't wait for the Benbro Libelle, rode it yesterday with pete and the thing redefines how a board should feel.

Whyte Line Swallow! Hells yeah! Also, Owen, I own your Scud now >:D

yeeeeew my benbro libelle is sitting at petes... cant wait to try it out

Woah, a very sick advertisment for the boards! Nicely done ;)

back very soon!!

Dermott Pascoe said:

Where is the dilli? It's so awesome

this shows the concave a little bit better..

i think it says 33.5

not sure

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