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I was just wondering if pulling off a mongo foot brake is any harder/more dangerous then doing a normal foot brake.

The reason I am asking this is because i am having trouble foot braking at high speeds, and i feel really off balance when i begin to take my foot off.

I am aware that it is probably just me being a pussy and simply putting of learning to do it at high speeds, but anyway, it never hurts to ask.

Also If anyone could give any footbrake tips that would be appreciated

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Funny, I am just browsing here for the first time and I asked one of the Canberra crew the same question at CHC #4 at Ainslie on the weekend. I think Henry said this, it's getting into a Brazilian style position which is drop knee I am told, you can grab the rail and drop your front foot off to footbrake but somebody will have to back me up because this is such fresh information and I have not even had to footbrake ever not having done any serious downhill runs yet lol! I'm going to be trying it for sure tho, being a mongo and all.

Oh yeah I am working hard on pushing either way and therefore I'll end up working on braking either way. The more switch you can be the better you are I reckon!!
mongo braking its harder but can definitely be done. i can do it up to about 40km/h but any higher and it gets real sketch for me
If you footbrake mongo you should begin the process of learning to footbrake normal very soon. There are two reasons why you should brake with your back foot.

1. You retain the ability to steer while footbraking e.g. footbraking into or through a corner or to avoid somebody or something.

2. Speed wobbles emanate from the back. As soon as you apply weight to the back of the board it becomes unstable. To keep a stable board at speed you must have as much weight on the front truck as possible, if you suddenly take your front foot off the board you increase the chances of crashing and your board will wobble.

Bonus reason. Other downhill riders don't like being behind somebody who footbrakes mongo as it is very unpredictable
i have the sam problem except your probably way better than me, learn to footbreak normal its so much easier to balance
yeah i think your just being a pussy by trying to get around doing it at high speeds... =)

i 2nd that motion about being behind mongo footbreakers and feeling sketchy as they are so unpredictable... especially dudes with brazilian tucks!! unless they really know their shit and are 100% solid with the drop-knee footbreak... i.e Dalua... i'd say hes the only drop-knee footbreaker i'd feel comfortable behind (and he doesnt truck drop knee style either)
I saw a mate do a wheelie while trying to Mongo at high speed in a race and crashed. I have seen people move their back foot towards the middle of the board when mono breaking... this seem to work for them... ????
talk to bowditch he's a mongo pro
when i mongo brake, i move my foot towards the middle like steve said..alot easier and makes it alot more stable.
footbrake is dead learn to slide.. :)
Stephen Daddow said:
I have seen people move their back foot towards the middle of the board when mono breaking... this seem to work for them... ????

thats what bowditch does. its taken him a long time to perfect it and even though he is proficient at footbraking mongo he still decided to teach himself to footbrake regular. so whilst it can be done, mongo is definitely not as solid at speed.
leeso said:
footbrake is dead learn to slide.. :)
true that, cant work out frontside speed checks for the life of me, it is a bridge i must get over
i wouldn't want to be mongo footbreaking standing up...that's madness!
i find doing it in a drop knee position a pretty solid way to slow down, as long as you don't get caught up in your wheels or catch up on the road, but same goes for regular footbreaking.
i like being able to grab the rail and smashing the foot down, you can get a load more pressure on the road and pull up faster.
practice whatever works best for you!
as far as sliding goes, you'd want to be pretty solid with your speed checks before i'd feel comfortable being in the rear!
having said that, speed checks are clearly the most stylin way to slow up, jacko pulled one on black mountain, probably the coolest thing i've seen!

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