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Conehead Cup Round 2 - Daddow takes Jacko

Steve Daddow avenged his Round 1 Conehead Cup defeat last night with a single blistering run that shut down Jackson Shapiera's hopes of gaining a big lead in the overall Conehead Cup table.

Steve's winning run of 11.92 seconds was almost a quarter of a second faster than Jackson's 12.16, but Jackson was Mister Consistency - his best four times were all faster than Steve's second-best time.

Nathan Paff clinched 3rd place, consolidating his rise and beating Paul Carey for the second race in a row.


A Division

1. 11.92 Steve Daddow
2. 12.16 Jackson Shapiera
3. 12.70 Nathan Paff
4. 12.99 Paul Carey
5. 13.08 Paul Shaddock
6. 13.20 Colin Beck
7. 13.26 John Grey
8. 13.36 Glen Mills
9. 13.89 Mick Codner
10. 13.96 Sean Mussett
11. 14.03 Jason Wright
12. 14.40 Brad Sterrit
13. 14.50 Adam Dawson
14. 14.51 Neil Wilmington
15. 14.85 Dave Pang
16. 15.12 Pete Smith
17. 15.45 Old School Richie
18. 15.74 Michael Cossetini
19. 15.84 Dale Halpin

B Division

1. 14.75 Jim McDonald (A course)
2. 15.11 David Blackwood (A course)
3. 16.05 Sean Cunningham (A course)
4. 19.92 Jonathon Boles (A course)
5. 14.21 Ben Hay
6. 14.52 Nick (Boomerdog) Sable
7. 14.56 Haakon Chandler
7. 14.56 Alex M
9. 14.96 Tom
10. 15.13 Laurie
11. 15.35 Ben Allison
12. 15.69 Mark Keller
13. 15.94 Tarun
14. 15.97 Michael Pavli
15. 16.10 David
16. 16.75 Aaron
17. 16.81 Gus
18. 16.85 Matt Foy
19. 17.26 Ben Gray
20. 17.82 Adam
21. 18.19 Kristian
22. 20.78 Kathy Finn

Under 18s
1. 17.26 Ben Gray
2. 18.19 Kristian

1. 20.78 Kathy Finn


To see the photos individually, click here.

The original discussion about this race is here.


* Sean Mussett and Michael Cossettini for bringing extra generators and lights.
* Paul Carey for bring the start ramp.
* The race sponsors: Hopkin Racing, SkaterHQ, FSU decks and Cr8iveSk8.
* Brad Sterritt for donating a prize.
* The pair of injured shoulders; Haggy Strom and Dave Robertson, for manning the dual timing systems all night.
* Greg Ambler for being MC.
* Jacki White for (wo)manning the shop.
* Everybody else I've forgotten. I've got a rotten memory.

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Premium Member
Comment by Jacko on September 14, 2008 at 19:27
points tally?

Premium Member
Comment by haggy on September 14, 2008 at 19:59
Thanks for the update Bugs.

It was a great evening. A really special venue with the golf course on one side of the road and the beach and surf on the other. And doing it at night was pretty cool. The light rig lit it up like it was day. Thanks to Pip for taking it back today.

Thanks to everyone who helped out. A lot of people pitched in to make this race happen and it made the job a lot easier for everyone.

Long Reef is an amazing venue - lets try and get back there soon!

See you all in Canberra in 3 weeks. Two days of radness - can't wait!

ASRA Admin
Comment by Bugs on September 15, 2008 at 0:50
Here's the updated points table:

Here's the entire list (PDF file).

Premium Member
Comment by Marek on September 15, 2008 at 11:42
Thanks to ASRA and everyone involved for putting on a great event in a great spot. Highlight for me was the Indian Tabla band entertaining the back of the B div queue on their way up to the headland for a jam session. Also the 4 wheel drive pulling out in front of me as I went screaming into the carpark! (I'm not a great high speed foot breaker as yet and needed a bit more room to stop!)

Premium Member
Comment by Stephen Daddow on September 15, 2008 at 17:37
It was a great course as always by our friend Bugs.... Great work to all involved. A tight race it was and the pressure from the grom Jacko was intense.... The kid rips and I was lucky to get him. One all kid. Keep up your fighting spirit Jacko. You rip all styles and I love skating with you....
We missed you Haggy, hope your good in 3 weeks time. Rest up and hope to see ya all there again. Peace
Comment by Michael Cossettini on September 15, 2008 at 17:57
This was the first ASRA race i've been able to get to since returning to skating after breaking my ankle last year. Hopefully my ankle will continue to improve and i will be able to achieve more in this discipline. It was a great night and a very well organised event. It was great to catch up with everyone and meet a lot of new people.
Something to consider: An over 45's might a good division addition for us older folk in 2009.
Thanks ASRA, a big NACCOS hug to you all.

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