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Two races, two was all tied up in the capital. Jackson Shapiera drilled the Teeth of Doom while Steve Daddow blitzed the Streets of Zoom. After four races in this year's Conehead Cup they have two wins each and the series will be decided at Race 5 in Sydney.

Saturday dawned with flashbacks to Round 1 at the Central Coast - a ditch race washed out and a slalom race in the pouring rain. But a brief carpark slalom session provided a couple of hours for the sun to appear and the ditch to dry out, and it was ON.

The first casualty of the day was drain-master Glenn Mills who twisted his knee in his first practice run and put himself out of action for the weekend. And with Haggy Strom out injured, and Steve Daddow not arriving in Canberra in time for Saturday's race, it was up to others to put pressure on Jackson Shapiera, who won the 2007 Ainslie Ditch Race.

Sean Mussett made the early running and was finally overtaken by Neil Willington's final run, but nobody could beat Jackson's winning run - a total edge-of-control affair. Paul Carey took his favourite spot in the rankings - third.

Blacktown Derby

Apart from the hangovers, the theme of Sunday's head-to-head race was the tightness and difficulty of the course. Everybody had trouble with it, especially Saturday's winner Jackson, who was fast but untidy - he hit at least 10 cones with every run.

But the course was eventually mastered by most, including first-timers like Canberra locals Ross Scutts and Paul Parry. Melbournite Bernie Griffiths ran his own race, carefully picking his way through the cones while his much-faster opponents DQ'ed.

Throughout everything it was Steve Daddow who looked the man to beat, with fast times on every run. Jackson Shapiera lost to Paul Shaddock and then lost again to Nathan Paff, and these two then had to race each other, with Paul Shaddock victorious by less than a tenth of a second, giving him third place at worst, and a shot against Paul Carey to see who would meet Steve in the final. This was another close race, with Paul Shaddock bowing out, but getting his first ever podium placing.

The final promised a lot, and Steve Daddow layed down one of his fastest times of the day. Paul Carey uncharacteristically lost his composure and blew out of the course, handing Steve the victory and setting up a thrilling showdown at Race 5 between himself and Jackson.

Teeth of Doom Results
Jackson Shapiera
1. 20.35 Jackson Shapiera
2. 21.19 Neil Willington
3. 21.22 Paul Carey
4. 21.27 Sean Mussett
5. 21.39 John Gray
6. 21.60 Dave Pang
7. 21.86 Danny Van
8. 21.88 Nathan Paff
9. 22.20 Paul Shaddock
10. 22.21 Bill Schaffer
11. 22.56 Cons
12. 22.67 Greg Ambler
13. 22.88 David Blackwood
14. 23.28 Paul Fletcher
15. 23.45 Ross Scutts
16. 23.76 Brad Sterritt
17. 24.19 Alex Martin
18. 24.26 Dan Hobbes
19. 24.42 Reks
20. 24.68 Paul Parry
21. 24.78 Hamish
22. 24.85 Owen Davey
23. 25.80 Colin Beck
24. 25.95 James Hopkin
25. 26.03 Jake Scutts
26. 26.51 Dennis
27. 26.53 Jason Wright
28. 27.41 Jonathon Boles
29. 27.48 Richie Thompson

Streets of Zoom Results

1. Steve Daddow
2. Paul Carey
3. Paul Shaddock
4. Nathan Paff
5. Jackson Shapiera
6. Colin Beck
7. Dave Robertson
8. Mick Codner
9. Greg Ambler
10. Reks
11. Brad Sterritt
12. Sean Mussett
13. Johnny Gray
14. Paul Parry
15. Neil Willington
16. Dave Pang
17. Gareth Fitzgerald
18. James Hopkin
19. Richard Thompson
20. Alex Martin
21. Jason Wright
22. Ross Scutts
23. Arran Pratt
24. Bernie Griffiths
25. Paul Fletcher
26. Gus Cristofoli
27. Kathy Finn
28. Dan Hobbes
28. David Blackwood
28. Jake Scutts

The Overall Standings

Note that only the best 4 results will count in the final standings, so there's going to be some big changes after the final race!

(That's the top 47 out of a total of 64. That's all I have room for.)

Teeth of Doom Photos

To see the photos individually, click here.

Streets of Zoom Photos

To see the photos individually, click here.

Teeth of Doom Video


* CROSS (Dave, Neil, Paul, Ross, Jodie, Yolanda and all other CROSSers)
* Haggy Strom for manning the timer.
* The Coneheads for counting cones in the sun.
* Our sponsors: Hopkin Racing, Trilogy, Cr8ive Sk8, High-Roller, and Decent Hardware.
* Mt Stromlo.
* Dan the Pen Man.

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Comment by DrBill on October 7, 2008 at 7:11
How rad is Sean Musset? Did I see 6 out of 10 names on the ditch race results were Men of Naccos. Naccosians are prominent out of all proportion in more ways than one (twisted emoticon).
Comment by DrBill on October 7, 2008 at 7:12
Abd many thanks to Haggy for his tireless, selfless, infallibly accurate work at the timing desk (thump up emoticon).
Comment by Fletch on October 7, 2008 at 10:28
Best fun I've had with my clothes on! Oh and my pads :-)

Thanks for all the Hospitality and Stoke on the weekend, so many names now have faces. A total Blast

Premium Member
Comment by haggy on October 7, 2008 at 10:30
my pleasure Doc - good to see you in racing form!

ASRA Admin
Comment by bernie on October 7, 2008 at 13:07
Thanks to all for putting on such a great event....and series.
and thanks for the special mention.
(How good is that Bradbury method !!!!!)

Premium Member
Comment by Stephen Daddow on October 7, 2008 at 20:24
totally great event again ASAR and CROSS.... Great to meet the new crew riding... Its getting fast !!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Shadow on October 7, 2008 at 21:03
Great weekend! Both Saturday and Sunday's tracks were wild rides! Good to finally ride a long tight slalom track something the Conehead Cup has been missing, well done Bugs. Thanks to CROSS for putting on another wicked event, you guys kill it every year. Big thanks to the ASRA gents who are always doing the back ground work, with out you guys days like this would just not happen.
The report on Millsy's knee seems good, spoke to him today and he was walking well.
Comment by Gus on October 7, 2008 at 22:01
To me it was more than that a Great weekend! Saturday for me was a eye opener,i just could not get it happening in the ditch,the sunday was incredible after staying on the side line on saturday ,sunday i had to give it a go but it was also a good learning curve for me but it was great.I also like to thank CROSS for the great event and weekend anda big thanks to ASRA.Also i like to thank Greg,Haggy,Bugs and the rest of the boys that helped me on the weekend.Bring the next one on.

ASRA Admin
Comment by Bugs on October 7, 2008 at 22:03
Yay Shadow, you rocked on Sunday - 3rd place and ran the cleanest runs of the day. Millsy, hope you're up and about - weird shaped knee you had on Saturday.
Comment by Brad NS on October 8, 2008 at 1:10
Thanks too everyone who made it such a great weekend ASRA , CROSS and all the there familys .. see you all in november NACCOS

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