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i have been trying to decide between timeship and loaded but im not sure which ones to get

help please

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I couldn't tell you what the best slide gloves are, but I can tell you that Slippery Dips are the best pucks. They will last you ten times longer than any stock puck, and will slide much smoother. I use Sector9 gloves, they are sick, but I haven't tried Timeship or Loaded.
Go the loaded Race gloves, they have a good knuckle and finger protection, and while you're at it, chuck the Slipery Dip pucks in them.
Garden gloves/construction gloves with chopping board
Landyachts slide gloves are great and i think they come with slippery dips but if not get some slippery dips!
timeship Brian davies gloves!!!
fmx gloves
landyachtz are pretty good but you wear through the fingers crazy fast if youre not careful, awesomely comfy though

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