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I'm looking to buy another deck for freeriding. At the moment i'm tossing up between a 9 two 5, Hellcat or a killswitch.

Any comments about the decks would be sweet also if you have any other suggestions i'd love to hear them.

cheers, Dave

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I have a 09 Drop Speed Complete that Im willing to sell for $250, with Bear 852s, Reds and 4 Prez if your interested
i love the 925, sick board. however the fsm is also verry madd,
get a dilligaf......
get a glyde dropthrough!
what one are you talking about???
like leigh griffiths one
The one I was riding on saturday.
you do know that your freeride deck can have this crazy thing called flex....

I use a omni drop 43 as my designated freerider, i use my evo as my fun DH board, what are you trying to get a fun DH board or something that you can slash away for ever on and turn quickly etc etc
or do you want a not fun DH board?
cheers guys, and na i don't really like flex and i would like to be able to do some light bombing on it (60km/hr) on it as well.
what was it? :P

Voodoo Longboards said:
The one I was riding on saturday.
i ride my avenger for everything. it is sick for downhill and stable enough with a free riding set up (loose trucks, harder wheels etc) so rad for an all round board. definitely would recommend
aaaaahhh, that dropdown is the radness!!
+1 vendetta

Merrick Wildash said:

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