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Daddow 120y, Rayne Avenger, Comet voodoo doll, Sayshun speed or skatement deck?

Tossing up between the Daddow 120y, Rayne Avenger, Comet voodoo doll, Sayshun Speed or skatement deck. Im doing DH and freeriding mostly DH. Looking for big wheel wells to fit big wheels without wheel bite and looking at the best construction and best foot locking concave. Dont mind about size 35" to 40"


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or you could not make 3 pointless threads, and research on old threads, go on silverfish, or just go out and skate with some people around you and gather ultimate knowledge



He got it so right with that board. Aussie made. Daddow is a legend, that should be enough reason to buy it. He has put everything he knows into a pocket rocket top mount. He was bombing hills before Rayne, Comet and Sayshun were invented!  Dude was freeriding before they had a term for it. They would say, shit steve you'll wear out your wheels if you keep sliding into a corners like that (that would be at the bottom of the hill when they had caught up) 


He's the fro that the fro...look into my eyes, buy the daddow, you want the daddow, you must have the daddow.  


Top mounts are always going to get wheelbite with big wheels. Unavoidable.

Hahahaha I second hop! They are great boards made by a great man! The 120y is the raddest topmount out! 

Hop knows hit shit fellas

nah bro hugh was running flywheels at hillclimb and hes 80kg. 

im 80 kg's and running big zigs on my 120-y. havent got wheel bite in the 5 sessions ive ran them. if you did just use some risers or crank down the kingpin a little.


or like pineapple said, it would be ideal to get a 70mm wheel to keep the board lower to the ground.

Daddow is an Australian legend 


have you considered the glyde whyte line?? 

amazing topmount if you prefer tub concave to a gnarly w...

the 120y has rad cutouts. at hillclimb i was running 90mm reflys on sabres and i didn't have static bite. although now with my kahas they're so low so i can't run much more than a bigzig

what ever you do get an aussie made board.


daddow or skatement... they're both very fucking rad! aussie made is the way to go!

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