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i think yellow 4prez would be pretty cool but inheats would be feral as. but i haven't ridden them so i'm just going from past experience

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they look pretty, until you dirty em i guess
oh hell yea!
Yeh I wouldn't go for the In Heats, but the 4 Prez would be awesome i reckon
For the most part that duro in that size only works well and sells in slalom. I don't really think anyone would want to get around on 86a Inheats as it holds no real benefit compared to their other duros. Some people might use the 4pres, but again is it better than the alternative for the purpose.

If they created a 78 or 77 duro they would sell more of those than 86a.

In Abec11 BigZig world for every 100 sets you sold:
10 would be pink 77a
70 would be lime 80a
18 would be yellow 83a
2 would be orange 86a

In Zigzag world you sell a slightly better percentage of the non-lime duros
nah robbo your missing the point, otang needs to make a greeeen wheel if they want to sell lots, because everyone knows it makes you go faster.
moooooooooney! 86a in the In Heats is THE SHIT. its about time too!
Tried them Jacko?
no not yet, im waiting for them to send me some. i love the 83 in heats for everything so an 86a would just be butter... specially on grippy sydney roads!
i can def. see a reason to get these....i'll be keen to see what rider reaction is...

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