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1# Felipe Malaga checking out the Kaha’s before singing up.
Racing was going to start at a lazy 3pm on a Sunday arvo, riders had been there much earlier racing their mates and enjoying the safety meetings in preparation, todays first prize would be my fav Kahalani trucks sponsored by Hopkin Racing, the only set in Peru ive seen, rode to victory and gnarnage, would prove a worthy reason to throw yourself down the hill pushing for the best line and dodging the solid rock barriers the council had provided to take the win.

The gnar rock styles were a great reason to hold your line.

The local riders and fans turned out in force, as did team DH Peru , Kamikaze , Fico, Dakayro and Chaman longboards store, it’s rare for some groups to ride and race each other, sharing the competitive attributes not unlike Hopkin, Cre8tive and Early teams share in Aus

Free riding was all-day in between racing and whenever, the whole day was chilled out and everyone was feeding off the stoke, ”no rules and no wankers” was the policy for racing, leaving the riders to work it out at the bottom if need be.

Maga ran a Round Robin draw for the top 8 smoothly and unfazed, she got the boys moving and understood when the free riders just want to cruise down for the crowd, i could not have done it without her, chiki (my brother in-law) and Sombra (A.P.S.D. President) working the lines and keeping the track free.

Grom Styling on the only Rayne/killswitch

The local security gave us a visit mid racing, and extra points where awarded for dodging the 2 patrol cars, but they turned happy and moved once they sore the riding and enjoyed the racing on the sidelines for the rest of the day.

Peruvian Riders are so keen and hungry and to have a race situation was all they needed to shred the gnar harder than before, going for the win, balls out.

Local rider Junior #2 and Alonso Melgar Dellepiane #5 both mad cunts and great riders.

Everyone knows this road over here, its short and smooth and you can view the run for traffic before riding, everyone had their own style but non cleaner and faster than Felipe Malaga,

Felipe has always been an impressive rider, sliding the gnarly corners at The Vines with ease, showing me around lima on my previous trip and thrashing me down Centinella (redbull race road) many times, with an IGSA sanctioned race approaching in Tarma Peru, he’s got his eye on the win and without doubt the world, one of Peru’s best riders that rip it up harder then you, but struggle to get local sponsors and airfares to take on the world.

As humidity moved from 80% to a chilly 99% and under 10 degrees it was evident that riding was the best way to stay warm, spectators and crippled gringos braved the lima winter and were rewarded with some awesome sliding and passing on the final corner, the solid rock hay bales caused some gnarly crashes but saved the riders from the cliff opposing, no serious injurys all day, some broken pride and a lot of fun.

Safety meeting with the top Peruvian riders,

Bernardo Haker was the grom to beat, taking it all the way to the finals and fighting hard with 3rd for the spot, Ryan Humala took 4th after a wanted rematch, both were stoked with the racing and took home some bushings and bearings for their riding. Joze ‘Junior’ Cortez took 2nd after riding strong and unforgiving all afternoon, but could only follow Felipe for a Podium finish.

A.P.S.D. was stoked on the outlaw, much like A.S.R.A in its early years, is gathering momentum and holding sanctioned races throughout the country with great success, OTang team was competing here last year and plan again this year among others as the IGSA takes notice. The riders ive met and session with are as progressive as our own scene but with half the infrastructure, shops and events.

Ive had an amazing trip this year, riding some mega runs and skating with a great crew, big ups to everyone that turned up to this outlaw and came to support the DH scene in lima, im glad that in some way ive made an input into this sport without actually riding in it, im stoked to know that next year it will be bigger and better with more boards on feet and roads ready to be railed.

a big shout out to:
Diego Cardenas Sedano form Speedboards and Bearings magazine for all the dope photos and
Alonso Melgar Dellepiane for rad support and filming all the race, Alejandro Muller and Cesar Sandoval for buying half my skate gear and giving me the green light for an outlaw.

James HOPKIN, Robbo at the shop, for helping me get to Peru and supporting my riding, supporting this outlaw and riders around the world.

Maga and Andres for working the race so well and effortless, you guys made the day happen, I just set the date, THANK YOU!

Heavy weather was coming in as we held the presentation, here’s Felepe holding the Toro de Gnar trophy high and Kahalanis tightly, a great set of trucks passed on to a great rider who spreading the gnar thick around South America

Crippled Gringo, was hoppin around like a kangaroo all day, have started to walk lightly on my leg but am going to be on sticks for the entire Euro trip, I hope to film some rad skating and relax over the next year until back on a raceboard, will see you all at newtons. Peace.

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Comment by Henry King on July 6, 2010 at 20:28
looks like a sick day, well done rob, they should make you the patron saint of speedboarding in peru!
Comment by Jay Capellari on July 6, 2010 at 21:27
that looked sweet, good write up man, get well soon.
Comment by Jacob Long on July 7, 2010 at 0:42
What a hectic day. Can't wait till i get that good!
Comment by Kam Kite on July 7, 2010 at 1:04
Fucking Rad good work bro!!!!!

ASRA Admin
Comment by Maga McWhinnie on July 7, 2010 at 2:38
BUENA FELIPE MALAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Premium Member
Comment by haggy on July 7, 2010 at 11:50
Good work Rob & Maga.

Looks like a great spot to have a race. I love the rocks the Council put out. I guess rocks are cheaper than hay bales over there, haha.

Next time you guys go back i'm coming for a visit. It's been ten long years since i last stepped foot there...

ASRA Admin
Comment by Maga McWhinnie on July 7, 2010 at 17:34
that would be awesome Haggy, you have a house here!!!!!!
we are planning by the end of 2011 and they might have the tarma race (prospect to become part of the S.A world cup)
Everyone should visit the Andes Gnarly Heels ...

take care xx

Premium Member
Comment by Dani on July 8, 2010 at 1:55
Yea Rob, nice story. Good to see you keeping your chin up!
Comment by Brad B on July 8, 2010 at 23:01
spreading the stoke is a full time gig ,)

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