ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Hopkin Skate have teamed up with ASRA to give away stuff to ASRA members. To be eligible, you have to be a financial member of ASRA.


We have been a bit slack over the last 2 months and haven't done the members draw so this month is gonna be a quadruple giveaway bonanza! Each Sunday from now until Christmas ASRA and Hopkin are gonna give away a pile of skate gear (see below)  Become a member of ASRA and win shit for Christmas!


December quadruple giveaway bonanza 4 - 25th Dec

GoPro HD Helmet Hero

December quadruple giveaway bonanza 3 - 18th Dec

Metro Motion 70mm 80a wheels Winner is Tom Smith

December quadruple giveaway bonanza 2 - 11th Dec

Arbor Hybrid GT Complete Winner is Tom Chirnside

December quadruple giveaway bonanza 1 - 4th Dec

Seismic Bootleg 70mm 84aWinner is Declan Cassidy


September giveaway 1: A set of Darkspeed gloves

The lucky the winner is the grommet of the BMB - Nat Couzin!!!


September giveaway 2: A set of Rainskates Mega-Tsunami freeride wheels

The lucky winner is Capital Dirty Downhills own Dancing Dave Miller


July giveaway: a new Fullbag TM39 deck.

The lucky the winner is Man Vs Wild - Shannon Hearse








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Rad! You were really quick making this group! cheers bugs.
siiiiiick on ya bugs

Sweeet! cheers bugs

Edit: And hop for the free stuff! rad!

yew. so do we have to enter the competiton for the giveaway or will just write all the names down bugs ?

I thought I'd just wait for the bribes to come in.

But no, I already have the names, and I will draw them from the proverbial stinky helmet on the appointed day. You don't have to enter - if you can post here it means you're already entered.

You got the anonymous paper bag I sent, Bugs?....

he did dave, but he also got the bigger briefcase that I send him! full of home made cookies.



2 days to go till the first members giveaway. Become a full member of ASRA to be in the mix for a Fullbag TM39

I rushed to this just incase you were giving out another asra jumper or something! instead its a fullbag topmount! hahaha even better

As a matter of fact I have some brand new ASRA merch in the HQ. Once I take a few pics of the new gear I might give some away to ASRA members in the next day or so

Connor Ferguson said:

I rushed to this just incase you were giving out another asra jumper or something! instead its a fullbag topmount! hahaha



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