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I wanna know what you guys like best.

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you will now receive many different responses some of which will be abuse. None of the responses will assist you in finding the truck that is right for you! Gotta figure that out for yourself man! I ride aeras but i know plenty of people who hate em.

unless you are simply starting a pointless thread about precisions in which case my answer is aeras

Aera Trucks, Bear Grizzly Precisions, REY, PNL, Munkae, Kahalani, you will enjoy any of those as they are all good. But If you wanna know my favourites it would be Bears, Aeras and Kahalanis.

Jim Z, Wefunk Stealth Division, Kahalani, Magun all absolutely amazing trucks and all still regularly used and available

would recommended you wait a while before getting precisions and trying both out because those two are very very different feeling trucks

Max Rodgers said:

i dont have a precision truck but i know that if i was getting them i would get munkaes or aeras

Getting Rey for Christmas

good choice. they are the cheaper option but still good quality trucks, more your 'entry level' CNC trucks. something that will still last you a while so when u want to upgrade you will be able to sell easily to finance ur next purchase

Jonathan D'Cruz said:

Getting Rey for Christmas
Thoughts on navigator drones?
Trucks Tree
Beginner: Bear, Randal, Paris
Intermediate: Calibers, Sabers, Gunmetals
Advanced: Rey, Surf Rodz
Higher Advanced: We Funk, Aera, Bear Precisions, Munkae and other Precisions
This is how I see trucks
don't let the price tag be the decider of a trucks quality. they all vary in their own quirky ways which can suit some riders and not others. I think you're massively underestimating the quality of surf rodz and rey.
get to know what widths and offsets you like in cast trucks then try and find those attributes in a finer crafted version.
poor bushing choice can also make a great truck feel crap too.

Lately I have been rocking PNL precision trucks and loving them. Great response and a really clean dive." target="_blank"> that's what they look like if you haven't seen them. I previously rode Aeras and munkaes before that... I'm still really torn between trucks because I really love aeras but the PNLs just feel that much cleaner.

the new REY trucks are awesome, by far the best precisions in terms of feel that i have ridden

Actually with the reys if you go on their site there like $29 cheaper with shipping than hopkin but you can choose what colour hangers and baseplates the degrees on the baseplates and the axle widths all custom.

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