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Hey guys,

I am selling my leathers 'cos they no longer fit me. They are made for someone about 172-5cm and 75kg. They are fully padded and come with sliders, although it is not recommended to use them whilst riding skateboards. Just had them recently repaired and the man said they are now in good condition. $250+shipping.


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Yeh fair point mate ill take em.

Brodie Brusasco said:
C'mon guys. Safety is not a joke...
hey bro, i hav a set of leathers that are a bit 2 big for me... how bout a swap'?

are these still for sale


yeh they are

tim hills said:

are these still for sale


k no worries... mite still b interested, just wanna make sure i get a set that fit rite this time
is there a rip in one of the legs?



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