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WTS Earthwing Supermodel Complete, Belly Racer, Zigs,

Supermodel has bear 852s, 83a Lemon Zigs, Bones reds. Has a minor chip out of the back of the board, does not affect structural integrity at all. $200 +Postage.


Belly Racer- . This is a SICK top mount speed board, Only had it for a few months, paint is a tad flakey. Has a rad feeling concave. Check out silverfish if you want board stats. $130 +  Postage





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how much for zigs alone?
Dude, don't tell me your giving up skating?!!

Zigs alone- $40.


Steve HECK NO. Stuffs just going towards njks!
Connor Ferguson said:

how much for zigs alone?
40 shipped? are they coned?
If you're splitting, how much for the Supermodel, deck only?
Nah, Im not splitting at this stage, will sell it as a complete with different wheels on it. 40+5 shipping. No they're not coned, but they have been slid with 3-4 high speed slides. Lemon zigs wear really well.
are they as wide as like inheats?
Alrighty, thanks anyway
Yeah Connor.
Ehhh dw then. Ill get bite

Tim Day said:
Yeah Connor.
will you do a trade fro the belly racer
save the super model I might have a buyer will find out today



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