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Wondering what camera you guys would suggest to make a longboarding movie ( 20-30 mins )
thanks guys it would be great for your sugestions

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Most of todays Dslr work great, any of the small Fuji Sony DV etc work well  also, get a good fast PC with lots of space, lots 

so is that what you use?

Mark Gorman said:

Most of todays Dslr work great, any of the small Fuji Sony DV etc work well  also, get a good fast PC with lots of space, lots 

Im trying to use my brothers EOS C500 , But i use very badly, my own EOS 5D Mk 3, They have great auto settings ,thats all i do , just point and hope, I think most of the magic comes with the edit on your PC but im crap at it and have very little if no idear as to what the hell im doing.

Hope that helps



thanks mate 

depends what kinda movie  you want to make, if money is not an issue i would look at something like a sony ex3 if you cant buy they are quite common hire items and are awesome in the field for interviewing (the all about aus tour in stop was half shot on one and the footage you can get from them is great) the thing you need to remember about a camera like the ex 3 is that unlike a DSLR you don't need a follow focus or shoulder rig or eye piece for them as all of that stuff is built into the camera, if your wanting to do something a lot more cinematic then look at a DSLR or a blackmagic camera. Black magic does video better than a DSLR while a DSLR also does stills its a trade off. I would personally look at a sony Z1P or a sony EX3 for docco style longboard films a z1 will cost you about 2500 2nd hand if you know where to look while an ex3 can be had for 6000ish 2nd hand on ebay, if your going for a more cinematic look i would go for a 5dMKii or MKIII or 6D (all canon) i personally run a MKIII and love it but i run it because it does both stills and video very well the one thing you gotta keep in minds is that lens's are really going to add up and its the one thing you don't want to cheap out on because no matter how much coin you sink in to the body your only as good as your glass, with the DSLR thing you also will potentially want a shoulder rig and follow focus i run a jag 35 D runner which will set you back 600ish and its a great rig for the cash, if you really want to go something different and purely cinematic video its hard to go past a black magic for the money they run at around the same price as a 5dmkiii body and are in a different league when it comes to video but still have the same extra costs as a DSLR i.e. follow focus and glass. I love my 5dmkiii to death especially with my 70-200 (surprisingly useful lens) but if i was going for nothing other than video i wouldn't buy one.

get a video camera....

thanks guys ill look around

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