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I am looking at gettin a Killswitch for downhill and fast freeriding
Am hoping to set it up with Paris 195mm hangers and 42 Randal baseplates

I know wheelbite can be a problem on the Killswitch, would this bite?
If so how can I help it?
Any other truck suggestions?
Keep in mind i like my trucks nice and soft, good for tuck-leaning

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated

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i have no idea,
- except wheel choice would also play a big part.
yeah i was thinkin that aswell but the wheels would be between 70mm and 78mm
thinking otangs, zigs or cults
keep the wheels 70mm
i reckon you could go 75 mm wheels with that truck combo.

my munkaes get wheelbite with 75mm wheels, but i reckon with those trucks it wouldnt be a problem.

either that or run 70mm.
I got the 195s on an avenger no worries with 42 plates.
keep it 70mm and get some fairly solid venoms (they still turn good even if they the red ones)
If it got wheelbite, some sandpaper and a small amount of effort would give you custom wheel wells that would not affect the structural integrity of the deck. You'd probably only have to sand down a very small amount of deck, if any at all.
I think you will be fine with 75mm wheels and that truck combo. Simon has dropped his killswitch through and he's runnin kaha's and 75mm zigs with no wheel bite.
thanks for the advice everyone

how loose does simon run his kahas?
bushing set up?
if it gets wheel bite either run smaller wheels, put in some risers, or cut out wheel wells... simple... you wont know until you go
I think about medium, but it doesn't matter, they are dropthrough and you are topmounting. that gives you heaps more room straight away. You willl be fine and if in the tiny chance your not, as said by others a small amount of sanding will be all that is required.

Matthew Pascoe said:
thanks for the advice everyone

how loose does simon run his kahas?
bushing set up?
buy a dilligaf instead and you won't have any issues!!

shameless plug!
Thanks everyone
Cant wait to get this thing rollin!

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