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Have you heard of this competition?


Slam magazine runs it every year and it goes a bit like this. Anyone can vote for their favourite skater.


Voting closes on 1st February. The top 20 skaters are published and then that top 20 decides amongst themselves who is worthy to be the Grand Poobah and collect the $5000 prize.


Who want's to crash this party with me?


We can because anyone can vote! That means YOU.


Who can you vote for? Slam magazine makes that clear, and I quote:

Skateboarders can practice any discipline .

However they do qualify that statement with Street or Vert. Apparently that is the only type of skateboarding they know. I think longboarding and downhill qualifies as "street" skating. It is mainly done on the street.


It is time to let Slam Magazine in on a little secret ... there are a lot of longboarders in Australia.


Here are some longboarders that deserve your vote. Choose carefully, you can only vote once, but you vote for 5 skaters.


Jackson Shapiera - fastest skateboarder in Australia, 2nd in the World Championships in Germany
Ben Hay - topped ranked Australian at Newtons (IGSA World Cup)
Rob McWinnie - soul longboarder and winner of Red Bull Peru Night Race
Cameron Kite - on the podium of nearly very ozzie race in 2010.
Gabe Gwynne - style master, slide school co-ordinator, ex super grom (too old now to be a grom)
Merrick Wildash - Junior IGSA World Cup Champion 2010 - best junior in Australia and the world
Steve Daddow - Australian Grand Master - keeper of the steez
Corey Leeson - ranked in the top 20 in the world - 2 years running
Adam Yates - Landyachtz Eh Team, and official Australian Master of Ceremonies in Canada
Haggy Strom - 2010 Australian Skateboard Slalom champion and President of ASRA 

There are plenty of other rad longboarders to nominate, those are a few off the top of my head.

If you want to throw in a skateboarder name, maybe consider Renton Miller, he supported Newtons this year by being our top vert skater on the Vert ramp. Or maybe the Hopkin Skate Team super grom Jack Dauth. Jack is our young skateboard ripper on the team.

Whoever you vote for, please put in a longboarder or two. If enough people crash this party, then Slam will have to sit up and take notice of a quiet revolution happening underneath their noses...psstthhh dont tell anyone, it's called longboarding.


The only difference between us and them, is Longboarders skateboard for life.

Vote now

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I'll have a Melbourne, thaks.

I'm also voting for Kelly. There are som GUN groms around these parts, but I reckon the little ninja is ripping it like nothing else.

Jacko said:

i think i could buy everyone who votes for me a beer if i win $5000.... ha ha

Steve Daddow  !  My vote ....  Taking nothing away from anybody on Hops list or the slam entrants for there skating !!  they ALL deserve recognition for there achievements . 

you can vote more then once guys

Did everyone vote?




Voting closes in 24 hours

For sure Hop.

I had a mix of DH, Slalom, Street & Vert riders in my vote.

Had to put my young bro Keiren Reilly in there, the kid rips with style.

Nathan 'Jimmy' Beck, vert stylist had to be in there too.




Bump for poll


Voting closes TOMORROW


Annoy the street skaters, lets put longboarders in the best skateboarders of 2010. Slam Magazine will deny everything,


Jacko for PM

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