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Is anyone keen on a summer series? Running from maybe October to March?

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I would be keen.
What locations were you thinking?
That would run at both ends into the existing series? If your gonna run a summer series it should be a shorter 6 week series rather than a 5 month series. Whats the general framework on this?
Also, could we get a race happening in QLD somewhere?
Because i'm keen to get my wiggle on
Mostly east coast byron bay surfers paradise manly ulladulla canberra you get my drift.... Don't know bout you guys but i love the competetive aspect of slalom and it doesn't happen enough. Maybe because slalom riders don't wear out their wheels fast enough for anyone to give a shit.
my gut feeling is we should ditch the current setup in favour of shorter but more common series events. A series should not last longer than 6 weeks and have a maximum of 3 races. Maybe there are 3 different series that run at different times of the year. Each year there should be one event named as the Australian titles that is multi-slalom discipline and runs across a weekend. This would be awarded to different venues each year. This would increase the events without dragging out the time and make it easier for somebody to attend an entire series. This would also make it easier for different groups to run a particular series and allow ASRA to step back into a more oversight role
Loving the idea of more races Guff. Let me know if you need any organising help. I think Sydney proper is missing a race. Allawah or blacktown? Or maybee a more public, legal race somewhere in the heart of Sydney. Somewhere people can watch and groms can get to easily.
I would love to see a twilight GS race in melbournes CBD, towards the end of last year a few of the guys over here who dont do slalom normally where running GS in a few of the gardens in the CBD, it would be sick to see something like this go down as part of the CHC or something. Just my two cents
i will do something over summer near the beach and a nice pub around forster/taree/port macquarie if people are interested. Im thinking of doing something different tho just to mix it up.

Ive got a big fast straight hill which i was thinking a type of gs head to head where racers start on their own course and then come together in the centre through a gate, head to head and then race through a series of gates together like downhill which could end in tuck, which people could do on downhill boards (I reckon this could work at blacktown hill as well? surrogate for downhill racing when big long roads arent overly available)

There are also a couple of new cycle criterion tracks in the area so maybe a 'Australian record weeekend" 50 cone and hundred cone record attempts sanctioned by asra?

Ive also got a few nice estates where i have thought about some novelty events like a skate olympics freeride/race type stuff.

I like the idea of aussie titles weekend, the other suggestion of small series like 3 races in six weeks would be difficult for travel for a lot of us...anyway im down for whatever and will get to as many skate events I can, if we get stuff happening over summer its just a bonus.
Sounds like we need a board meeting of old heads over a steak and beer at the Skatesman in a couple weeks to possibly hash a nice refreshed national format. I think we could come up with a good framework
Definitely a good idea to re-think how we can breathe some new life/energy into slalom.
Nice work Guff. I'm with ya.
Some good ideas there. Summer series.....YES.
NACCOS have been talking about this too.
We've just lost Sidonia for slalom, after 3 years of prefect pavement. So off to find new ground.
Which we have.
A super long inustrial road in Kurri with no development, 100 cones easy, with runout, super fast hybrid style.
And the new discovery. Beach carpark resufaced, Used little. 35 cone tight slalom. 10 mins from my home.
This has the potential to hold a fun little santioned event if we can get the use of half the carpark from the council.
We've just started using this for some practice in the last week, it has passing traffic,interested groms & locals.
which I hope will get slalom a bit more exposure & get more kids into it.

Plus our ever faithful Kincumber drain.

I think Nathans idea of an event weekend would be heaps of fun.
3 events over 2 days with a few novelty events thrown in. eg. catamaran races.

Lets talk about it in Canberra & see whats possible.
i am desperate to get slalom up and running here in NZ. Working on getting some cones, then will get the locals in chch into it. Give me a year and We will have a competition over herein nz.

It's the one thing from the uk that I miss.
I'd like to get over the ditch for a race or two.

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