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Rayne Avenger or Comet Voodoo doll?


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daddow 120 Y. do your research before posting useless shit

i guess it'd be whether you like w concave or not as well

i ride a voodoo doll, and i love it. it's one of those boards that i think i'll always keep. but im no one compared to merrick haha. it's all personal preferance i guess

vodoo is great , ive owned one , and it was sick ! solid board, and VERY cheap

Connor Ferguson said:
daddow 120 Y. do your research before posting useless shit

the avenger has W concave and is much moer aggresive

the voodoo doll has smaleer concave
i own a voodoo doll and would defiently reccomend you going with that. It is much cheaper but not less quality. Much more comfortable pushing long distances or going on bug skates because theres no W cocnave in the way. I would grip it with viscous griptape in the main areas where your feet are for freeriding, this i s beecuase it gives me at least more confidence sliding because i know my feet wont slip off.

And also if you decide to run trucks around like 42 degrees like randal 42 and caliber 44 i would only get wheels max 70mm.

voodoo doll has no concave..

avenger is alright, i had one, and moved on pretty quickly..

support local

get a GLYDE or Daddow

new glyde topmount is super rad, and the 120y is also sick

both will last 3 times as long as comet or rayne..

Doesn't sound like you really know exactly what you want man. If you'd researched you'd know those boards are pretty different.  Sounds more like you want a topmount and thought those two sounded good.
Doll - Shorter, Less concave, No W concave, Different construction, Narrower, Available in symettrical.

Avenger- Longer, More concave, rayne pleasure dome, Rayne construction, wide, assymetrical. Has a rad tail carry.


In my opinion if you like the specs of the voodoo doll you would be better off with a jet board. They don't have much concave either but they are super cheap from hop.

Length is also a factor. If you like the doll but want more concave and don't mind if its symettrical you could check out the 120-y. Alternative to the avenger with way better constrution is the entelechis or the glyde topmount. Personally i would check out the fat pigeon topmount. It looks sick. And those are just australian ones. Jati, Sector 9, Earthwing, Kebbek, landyachtz and a shitload of other companies all make competitive topmount speedboards that you would probably be pleased with.
There are so many that you can pretty much write down the specs you want and there will be a topmount that does it. And if there isn't for a little extra cash you can get a custom from some of the Australian builders. 

Just go stand on your friends or go to your local shop and ask around. And if those aren't an option then spend a few hours on silverfish absorbing information. Half of it may be bullshit but you'll get atleast some helpful information about boards.




Yes i never ridden  Jati Ninjati but they look sick.
but if you were happy to spend money on a avenger i would go the earthwing carbon belly racer

I have ridden the Daddow 120-y... I dont really think its the topmount for me

Connor Ferguson said:

daddow 120 Y. do your research before posting useless shit
fat pigeon?
daddow pigasus. rad board little wider at back adjustable wheelbase.
the avenger hole breaks after a few curb smashed :(

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