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Favourite all round truck out of those three?

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go for paris, nice open bushing seat, allows u to turn a lot. But make sure u change the bushings, stock ones wont hold up anything over 45

buy what ever you can get cheapest

The Pandal Bear option is my fave.

A french whinnie le pooh named Randal?

Kanufi said:

The Pandal Bear option is my fave.

get penny there twice as good and u pull more bitches u probably wouldnt want that u quieer 

i have rode paris and bears and i love bears. i weigh 55kg and the stock bushings are very nice. I do freeride and i flip the hanger and it minus' 5 degrees so it makes them 47 degrees so it has more lean they are so good.

Randals are all right but not the best quality bu good for dh, ive got bears and there good but the standard bushings are way too soft and the axle is slightly bent from early grabs but im a heavy rider, paris is best all rounder but more a freestyle truck because they are lighter. Basically randals - DH, bears - sliding, paris - freestyle.

calibers are the best


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