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Want to grab a whole heap of people into newy or the bay for a big skate let me or phill bartlett know if your keen cause we really wantto do something big. Maybe even a race for the elite or just trick tips with sliding. Email me at nath.barnes93@gmail.comYew Out

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Charlestown car park again tomorrow....

yeah ummm just hoping its not gona rain....


Yeah, forecast doesn't look great but we can hope. Got some pads and a helmet yet frank?

you guys skating newcastle if the weather holds out?


Yeah Callum, was gonna msg you(got your number of nulc) tomoro to see when you want to start, I've got uni stuff to do during the day but im been to start in the arvo some time.

aha its wednesday again yay and i have pading and helmate (still no gloves) and i am set but now i have family dinner, dam sadface guys, but hey if the weather holds out i should be in newy this sunday skating it up ;p


Good stuff frank....if you want to make some cheap gloves go to bunnings and get some gloves there (gardening or riggers glove do the job) and a chopping board. Im going to get some more HD plastic pucks made soon if you want a set ( There 15mm think by 90mmm diameter round)
bahah! i havent checked this in so long. hahah. pumpy was good fellas

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