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hey guys


I've been skating for quite a long time now both down hill and free ride and im looking to do more racing next year. ive been using a Bell drop ful face for DH and the other day i took i fairly nasty crash and hit my helmet pretty hard and i will probably need a new helmet.


so any way my question is whether or not you think i should go for the cheaper option and get another bell or invest in a more expensive helmet like a charly or a predator.


what is your opinion on this







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Go for the in-betweener and get a SpeedMaster Pro.

Speed masters are rad helmets. Nothin wrong with the Bell Drop though.

i'd like to hear some more opinions on the predator dh6, from timeship? it looks the goods, aero but safer than a charly/icaro. its between this or a bell drop for me, and i'm interested in some opinions
yeh me and a mate are looking into those speedmaster pro's. they have the same shape as an icaro but for 1/4 of the price. so it doesn't hurt so much when you hit your head and have to buy a new helmet.
I got mine for $160 AUD shipped from
chainreactioncycles does them for around the same price too, and 4 days shipping from the UK

Dermott Pascoe said:
he johnny how much do bell drops cost ?

friend of mine just bought a speedmaster type helmet for $160 shipped from the states with s mirror lense. but again if you are cracking your head still I would go with the safer option of the bell but with a charly lense.

160aud shipped? 


bells are great and in nz you can get the drop for as cheap as 80nzd so thats peanuts with the exchange rate, i payed 150nzd and felt slightly ripped off, check nz bike shops online for a bell drop

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