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hi, im looking for a longboard drop through deck, i dont mind what brand it is... between 0-250 is my price range. really keen on one. need one urgently

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dude go to the little sign that says on the right hand side of this screen and click ' decks'
gospel gabe
Or go to the maker place I have a drop through complete for sale for 250 plus postage.
I am not on my computer now but it's" WTS Betty skatement complete"
250 for the lot plus postage and you will be riding it before the end of the week.

got a brand new hellcat deck with gator grip bombsquad nose guard $250

im in brisbane too

this one man, its super super super sweet.
and for $250 complete "Paris 180, reds, 82a raceforms slight conage, jessup big rock longboard grip." how can you go wrong?
you'll fall in love.
Buy local.
would you rather just a deck
or a rad complete for the same price.
and no one will have the same board as you

got a bc moray i can do you for 250

get a FP from Steve
get blakes hellcat it's an epic board
Hey mate, I have 3 for sale at the moment, between $150 and $170. can make a complete if you want. check out



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