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I went to a luge event and an ice hockey match broke out

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this is off the fucken chain! 

Ya'll realise this is fightin on the internet.


as mack said, umad?

Unbelievable should be out skatin 


Just to clarify what do you class as a bright future? Professional events? or Outlaws? 


Luge numbers are growing, definately not as fast as longboarding. - After all you just can't walk into your local citybeach or skateshop and buy one.

From when i started luging, after a shoulder injury doing downhill, i have seen plenty of new lugers appear on the scene. I have also seen skaters start to get back into riding classic as well. Just look at adam yates, and jeremy rodgers. Henry king was even on a classic on the weekend.

After all that is what classic was originally about. Another event for skaters to ride their standup boards down the hill but instead of standing, laying down on them. They only had to carry one board and it made touring events very easy. 


I love standup, i just find it hard to do. I skate to and from work every day, and if there is a chance and it is in my ability i'll give it a go. In the end either way, I can still go down a hill and enjoy riding with others, whether they be standies or lugers. 


Also, Are you coming to BTB this year gabe? spots are filling fast.

Gabe said:

I'm going to be a complete asshole here and point out that luge has no bright future.

DazTheCowboy said:

 i stand for myself and "OUR" sport only and hope things have a brighter future for all.



i here ya bro, 

Aj Hare said:

this is off the fucken chain! 

Ya'll realise this is fightin on the internet.


as mack said, umad?

Unbelievable should be out skatin 


Young groms getting into the sport and getting stoked on it.

Riders getting sponsored to skate, film, race and spread stoke all around the world.

Videos being made by riders all around the country ripping down their home turf.

Big communities of riders all around the world pushing the limits of what can be done.

Outlaw AND Sanctioned events being held on sweet hills with huge rider turnouts, psyched grommets and mega stoke levels. Not violence, shit pavement and sitting at the top of a closed hill with no water for hours.


That is what i classify as a bright future, something Luge does not have.


As Henry pointed out so well, Luges are based around racing. There is no freeride scene, no bomb squad and you certainly cant just chuck your helmet and gloves on and take it for a spin down your local hills [unless you want to drag the farken thing back up every time].


The future of gravity riding is not in racing, races are rad, everyone gets stoked as fuck and the spectator turnouts are usually OK.  Compared to the hits a video that is posted on the orangatang channel or skatehousemedia gets, its nothing...

To date i have only seen one sweet luge video, the video of the worlds two best riders riding down Mt. Panorama. Every other video i have seen has been boring as fuck, nobody wants to watch dudes rolling down hills on their asses footbreaking all over the place. Its harsh but true.

Imagine had the Newtons Nation promo video had a couple of downhill skateboarders ripping down the mountain with rollerman instead of some dude on a luge. It would have looked way sicker and had so much more appeal to the younger generation the promo was aimed at. Just an example...


Although i have nothing against lugers doing their own thing. I do not consider them a part of the community i ride with. Nor do i want them to be a part of it.


Unfortunately Mt Stuart will elude me again this year. Ill be riding down GMR instead.




My apologies Daz.

DazTheCowboy said:

hey finn


before you put a post up regarding someone, think for a moment, and know the facts, we where asked buy the organizers and promoters of the event to "ride" the hill for promo, we never "RODE" the hill, unless you call rolling around one corner stopping walking back up, picking up the cameras, walking down, setting them up again, walking back up to the boards, rolling around the next corner and doing this for all the corners, we walked more than rode and i took ALL day, or did you think they employed as many camera men as they do for the touring cars for just one ride down the hill, on top of this, they used HYPE to get word out about the almost cancellation of the event to get people talking about the event, the event was never in danger, Ben the organizer and others would never of allowed that to happen, they have a 5yr investment in the NN event and they need to see a return, and Ben at the time was using anything he could to get word out about it, did you notice how poor the promo was? they were scrambling for promo anyway they could get it, we unfortunately ended up being seen as arseholes for yet again, people in power with alternative motives to use others for their own purpose, i for one love stand up and luge and i do both, i also support both, i RACE luge, because i suck at stand up still, well i think so, but when it's all said and done, i'll do anything i can to promote "OUR" sports and i would never try to jeopardize something great that i love, i had a great weekend with great mates, which of whom all seem to roll on wheels, as for some minority's i would rather leave them to their grievances and enjoy a free and friendly life style with with all my mates that blast down crazy ass hills.

Nuff Said!




Finn said:

Newton's Nation wasn't jeopardised when Owen broke his pelvis, and was hospitalised, skating a hill on his  way to NN 3 days before.


However, Newton's Nation was very nearly jeopardised when Daz-the-Cowboy and Rollerman stupidly rolled Mt Panorama just before the event.

Wow. Really guys? Assault? Not cool! I mean there really was no reason for violence to come into the picture. I mean, hey we deal with sean on a daily basis and we've never once kicked his ass :)
yet :D

Ching said:
Wow. Really guys? Assault? Not cool! I mean there really was no reason for violence to come into the picture. I mean, hey we deal with sean on a daily basis and we've never once kicked his ass :)

hey Gabe





thanks mate i appreciate you understanding.



me and you tussle abit shane you little bitch (MAJOR SARCASM)

Ben Shane said:
yet :D

Ching said:
Wow. Really guys? Assault? Not cool! I mean there really was no reason for violence to come into the picture. I mean, hey we deal with sean on a daily basis and we've never once kicked his ass :)
My question and I will put this to the event organizers only, is world class Luger Yvonne labth had have spent tons of money coming to your event and he had decided that he wanted to go and ride in one of the best DH areas in AUS would you have disqualified him? Also would you feel guilty for telling that the course was fast and not very ruff?

Now I won't a truthfull answer to this, but I very much doubt I will get one!
Everyone already knows why it was a shit road, u don't need to steer away from the main topic to prove this. 
However, do u feel that this event has stepped forward? Will the people looking at this event see the guys organizing it at good people? Or violent idiots...I for one saw the organizers at stereotypical crazed fool with no regard for public safety... Imagine if local council or the police saw the display on Friday night? You guys would be ruined before it even started. 
Now back to the point. I don't think dividing the two disciplines is fair, there are some great guys who ride luge that I have lots of respect for, they are good at what they do and are good friendly people, and you know who u are. It just so happens there are some real bad people out there, horrible people who are stubbon, rude and straight up shot cunts. And it just so happens they ride luge. Of course if they rode skateboards it would be NO DIFFERENT! they would get the same treatmant as anyone in their position would.
It really sucks that theres a few bad eggs out there just totally blowing it for the rest of them. You know damn well who you are. 
I suppose if it helps so ease this 'wedge' we can just start naming names, and spare the innocent from being branded and grouped into the same category as a bunch of fuckwits

Emmy Parr said:

@ Steve, I understand what you are getting at, However the reality of organising an event is much more complicated.

although there are all these fantastic roads we were not YET in a position to be able to use them ....

as many of the 'good roads' are main roads and used by locals, the road that we picked ultimately had to have a form of bypass in order to have minimal disruptions to the public and thus gain approval from council. of course there are roads out there that we would have LOVED to have raced, unfortunately its not always that simple.


In the end council had to give final approval of the road we used and the traffic management plan.  For the cause of looking to the future and having future events we needed to formulate working relationships with local council, police and community . Essentially this year was the time for us to prove that we are not the stereotypical crazed idiots that pelt ourselves downhills with no regard for our own or the public's safety. 

Having a solid base to work with is key.





Steve said:



"The fact that the area holds SO SO SO SO SOOOOO much potential for events (those that have ever even just driven through the area know exactly what i mean) no where else holds the same number of quality surfaced AND gnarly roads, in such a small area.

The amount of potential this holds for possible event location is like no other. "


So true, Why then was a straight rough shit road chosen for the location of this event and then talked up like it was one of the roads mention above? Why mislead people? not good karma....

name names. 

Flame rage hate ftw. once its all vented out in this thread maybe the rest of ASRA can lose some tension and the forums will chill out more.




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