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anyone know any skate shop that supplies under shorts with hip/arsecheek protection.. i keep trashin myself learnin this sliding gimmick..its a bitch, i am runnin outta skin.

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Not sure if any skate shops sell them but you can get some snowboarding ones here'11-M...
just make your own. get one of those foam camping mats, some shorts from an opshop, get jiggy with a sewing kit or some gaffa tape, BINGO! (Ive seen some people making their own padded shorts cut up an old road cone and stick pathces on, for skidding along on your arse when you stack it.)
Cricket players (batsmen) wear a hip pad so the ball doesn't smash em. Straps to your side and goes under your pants. Was thinking of getting one myself actually.
slide gloves save more skin then anything

do some push ups so have the strength to keep your body off the ground all the time. Also makes you look like a stud. ask adam

i used to fall on my hips heaps when i was learning to slide so i out two squares from an old wetsuit and put velco on the inside of the pants and on the wetsuit material. It stopped the rash and providedpadding too.

decent hardware sell shorts with padding on each sides and the back   they're very good and have saved me a few times

Protec make hip protectors and pads too.


A skate shop here in canberra has some but I don't think they have any online store or anything.

Sweet beet,  check out any skating store that stocks equipment for inline hockey.  They supply padded lycra shorts used instead of the bulky ice hockey pants.  They've been around since mid 90's and i'm pretty sure easily puchased online. see the below link

Draggin jeans have a little bit of padding, i've fallen on my hip before from standing and didn't even get a bruise.

If its just Grazes from sliding along on your ass and hips, then wear jeans and take to the wear areas with duct tape (about 7 layers).  That is what I do and it has saved my ass skin so many times its not funny.  It also makes your skate jeans last longer.

If its about falling and jarring your body, then don't! (People of our age cant get away with it, or at least I cant, so Ive learnt to ensure that by the time I come off im in a squat position and go for the slide).

Then Duct tape a solid pair of jeans (or denim shorts) up.  You will be surprised how much you save in new jeans and skin.  Learn to get up on your hands as quick as possible.

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