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Loaded Pintail and Bustin (see pics) skateboards have been stolen from Willoughby along with a phone and a camera.  These are very unique boards and no others seen in this area.  Any information would be greatly appreciated as one of these boards was a Christmas present.  Return no questions asked.  ph 0410 411 747 or 0412 432 279

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Shut up Caspian... Hey dude, I live in Willoughby aswell so I'll keep a look out for those boards, any distinctive markings? And where abouts in Willoughby ?

Thanks Conrad.  They were stolen in Robert Street cnr Warrane Road by 3 guys (teenagers) from 2 girl skaters late Wednesday night 28th.  We are pretty sure they are locals...  The Bustin is brand new, Bustin wheels (lime green) and Tracker trucks.  The Loaded Pintail has Orangatang Pres 80A wheels, Randall black trucks.  They also took a red GE camera and a purple Samsung Preston phone.  We are offering a reward for their return.  Appreciate any help you or the skate community can give us on this.

Shit dude.... That sucks, so you guys got rolled for your stuff just after Christmas? Bummer... Well I'm near the leisure centre and lots of skaters go there so I'll keep my eyes out, What did the 3 teenagers look like? Tall? Fat? Anything like a helmet they were wearing which they would only have one of?

stolen from somebody? like a mugging?

They weren't on boards just walking up the street - the girls didn't get a good look as it was dark - 2 tall and one shorter and on the chunky side....

Armed with a wooden handbag your sister should have unloaded on the douche bags. You gotta teach her how to hold one truck and swing. Show em who not to F#*k with. Especially the fat one, he's hard to miss!

Ok I'll look out, i may fear they wouldn't ride your boards for a few days till it blows over

Thanks Conrad...

Hey Peter, Its Jack, Josh and Jed we are on the lookout for the boards and the teens. We will try our best to help!

There pretty cool boards!


On the lookout in Naremburn, Crows Nest and St Leonards...good call Fitz. Will train the chicks.

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