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keen to have a couple of sessions in brisbane carparks and at the gateway track. comment below or whatever if you know of a session, would be greatly appreciated.

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how do you get to the gatway track? itried a few weeks ago but it was all fenced off?
u jump
yeah you jump, its open now, but the carpark is fenced off im pretty sure. because there was a fence just before the carpark haha... but it was open on monkypig on saturday. keen for a run sometime? maybe next weekend - cracked rib from rugby :(
yeah me and my mates are keen as bro, friday?

doubtful for friday. i have rugby training... we'll see how it goes with the ribs n shit. and i live a while away from gateway so most likely a weekend. would be better for me. ill see how everything goes and get back to you.

okay sounds good, we are all on holidays now so yeah whenever hahah

what school do you go to?

ohh right! now i wish i stayed at a private school so i would be on hols now.. i go to albany creek now, went to nudgee

hahah yeahh 

fair enough man

just let us know whats the go hey 

yeah man, maybe like a couple of hours at like a carpark somewhere then go to gateway? or just sesss the carpark for most the day or the other way around
yeah that sounds good
we could hit up the gateway in the arvo and then head into the city and hitup the carkparks in the night that would be a pretty sick sesh but yeah im easy just wanna skate with more/different people than i usually do :)
yeah that'd be sweet, i might be able to do friday night at a carpark if i can sleep at a mates place after. we'll sort out whats happening in the next days

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