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Aldi 10th August 2013 Special  $69.95 - That is cheaper than a set of wheels!


Yes I know they are motorcycle helmets, and I know they are probably a few grams heavier than a hang-gliding lid, but they will keep your face off the road, and unlike the hang-gliding lid, or for that matter, any of you, they are approved for use on the road.

Besides, if you are still worried about the weight, at that price you can afford to get a fitness trainer to show you some useful neck exercises!  And don't forget, when you decide you want to get a motorbike to get to the next session, you will already have the requisite "brain-bucket"!



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they also have a half shell for 49 for those who want more vision outta it but less safty

i just bought the full face haven't tried it yet but its pretty light 

take the foam and padding out, then make a carbon aerolid and put the approved padding in the aerolid....It will comply with the AS heh heh

Lol, i have trouble trusting anything bought at aldi.

Aldi beer is really good, and worthy of trust, and so are Australian Standards approved helmets.

And if you drink enough Aldi Beer, helmet modifications will almost start to make some sense...just before you pass out!

You got burned at your local Burnie! I'm an Aldi addict for our groceries and I noticed those helmets too. They weren't selling very well at my local store and now they're $39!

I'm about to get my moto licence and would have liked to buy one only I'm faced (pardon the pun) with the same large size problem I have with my feet, with my knoggin size. Nothing will bloody fit me!


The $10 red wine they have is just as good as the $20-$30 wine you get from most bottle o's.

I make my own beer......the taste......priceless!


There is now no excuse for showing up to a race without a helmet.

Granted it wont be a Predator....but who cares!

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