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Rayne Avenger complete, with Kooky 180 trucks and Orangatang 83 In Heats. Deck has been modified by Techmaster Robbo at Hopkin skate as is probably the turniest board you'll find. The deck, trucks, and wheels are all in very good condition, this set up has been lightly ridden, never crashed or dinged and has never been slid, so no coning on the wheels.  The bushings are a mixture of Venoms and Reflex and no matter how much you weigh this board turns as is. Bearings are Biltins and still run well.
To cover Grom Clog questions,
Yes there is some flex but I am a big rider, it'll go faster than you, it has a W concave, the wheel wells have been re shaped to allow mega gangsta lean, the board itself is light, the trucks are straight and unscratched (they polish up nicely). The price is the price, as is the shipping. Unless you want it uninsured. I accept Paypal and direct transfer if required.


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whos the guy selling?

The guy selling is legit, he's just having a rest from the forums.

The cut outs look sketchy as
A few SIC slalom boards in the rack there... Nice

Didn't you read? Robbo did them,

they're perfect ;)

Thomas said:

The cut outs look sketchy as
Sketchy us the wrong word i mean flexy.
split the kookys?
how much did this end up selling for ?? did anyone buy it ??




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