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Chicken that shit is that best!

winna winna chicken dinna


Im not sure? Seeing as ive heard chicken can get wheelbite, I might have to go the fish but my mate said the concave of fish is shit so I dunno, just looking for something for freeride and mild dh

Can you tell me what I should get?


appreciate any replies

Chicken of the sea!

Genetically-modified Ficken FTW.

Nah my friend already has a fish so I dont want it to look like I copied him and the chicken has a bad graphic.

fried chicken and grape drank

& watermelon bearings

Billy Bott said:

fried chicken and grape drank

wild harvest FISH!....the only pure ,unmodified food source left on earth,.

if its fish, salmon is where its at brahhh

eat the sharks before they eeat you

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