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im saving for precisions and want a stable but freeridy sort of truck, i have narrowed my choices down to Aera k3 7 series or Kahalani 180mm. im stuck for which to get. they both have great reviews and are both good trucks. so which ones!?


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All the reviews say Surf Rodz are better for freeride and kaha's and aeras are more for downhill... unless your hitting more then 70 regulary precisions arent really worth it.

or you could just get a set of randals or paris's? or caliber 44's or sabres hahaha... do your research on these trucks before you by precisions
get calibers, and when you know enough about what you want in a truck you would have tried each of these at a session or race (because you don't need to fork out on these if you are just freeriding with mates) to know which feel better for your style of riding. don't waste cash on shiny things when you are starting out. Kahas are 184mm and learning on shit trucks with slop (a bit of leeway when learning) will do more for you than learning on expensive trucks which magnify all your flaws. my 2c anyway or buy them and when it doesn't make you rad someone can score a deal in the marketplace.... I am drunk right now and a kook but trying to save you being the guy with all the gear but no idea (like me at slalom races haha)

I'm running Bear 840's and love them.  Honestly, you can skate on cast trucks, some of the best in the world race on them.

I think that Aera's are over rated and would rather ride paris trucks because both are turny and paris are a fraction of the cost.  Kahas feel good, but again, my bears feel pretty much as good and cost way less.  It's all about your bushing set up.


If you have the money, get them.  Hell, if I had the money, I would have every single product out there...  But you will still be the same skater and if you destroy them, it's gonna cost you lots more to replace!

oh im already pretty good and im not just starting out. i do want a downhill truck but with the race ability to turn smoothly at high speeds

I'm just a big fan of cast trucks!  They are cheap and I am cheap, we have a good relationship! :p


Kaha's are good, but you really need to ride them before you buy them.  Munkae trucks are also good, can't really tell the difference between the two, haven't ridden them long enough or fast enough.  Both need the right bushing combo to make them come alive.

ollie, you wont need presicions yet, it will be a waste of money! wait awhile
ok but if i get them now i probably wont ever get new trucks! :)

Will Eglinton said:
ollie, you wont need presicions yet, it will be a waste of money! wait awhile

get some maguns...

best precishuns out there you can buy

leave yourself some room to appreciate precisions if you get them later , and also if your asking which ones to get i dont think you absoloutley need them
Yeah, but wait until you've broken your cast trucks now.. Cause you wouldnt want to brake a 400 dollar pair of trucks.
You wont be going over 70kmph regularly, no need for presicions

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