ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Comet did it with the FSM, now its ASRAs turn to build a cummunity designed board.

The idea of this project is to design a communal mold, something that most people are happy with, whether it be a rockered freeride or topmount speedboard, whatever, then to build custom longboards to your specs from that mold. This means custom shape, flex (if any), wb, width, mounting option, graphics, the whole package.

So go crazy, talk about what works, what you'd like, and hopefully everyone can decide on a final design for the mold which will be produced.

-concave shape (flatcave, wavecave, W-cave, toecutter etc.)
-amount of concave (?mm)
-rocker/camber/flat, footpockets, wedging
-anything else you can think of, just go crazy, I'll tell you if its not possible

The final product will be for sale, in around 4-5 weeks time (after the design proccess etc) and you will be able to order a completely customized board from this mold. The more buyers, the cheaper the boards, though at the moment the price will be around $100 - $120 for a woody.

There will also be an option to buy an uncut blank form the mold, if that tickles you fancy

Just to give you some ideas, heres some picks from my latest mold

Help design your dream board....

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Camden said:
Such a great Idea, wish I really knew enough to contribute.
what alex said with the concave , except a dropthrough speedboard shaped something like the siegrist pro model, that thinng tickles my fancy
Alex Cockerill said:
toecutter concave is this like\______/ right, where its flat in the middle, but kicks up at the ends, if so, toecutter.

yeah, this is toecutter / flatcave

and @camden/matti it doesnt really matter, its just what you'd buy in a board, so yeah all opinions welcome
Something double dropped K-Rimes killswitch style? Good for DH or freeriding. Could get experimental with deck shape.
a drop down is doable, however the general idea is that there is one universal mold, the each board is custom made to the riders specs, ie wheelbase, foot platform width etc. if a drop down is done it limits this 'customizability,' unless everyone agrees on the specs

Dave R said:
Something double dropped K-Rimes killswitch style? Good for DH or freeriding. Could get experimental with deck shape.
what board is that with the aeras????
gosh they look good
and just to add my $0.02

1/4" rocker
5/8" concave, slightly flatcave

eventually ending up as an underflush, superstiff, symetrical freeride, shaped kinda like a voodoo D2
prototype Restless Racedecks board, the "flav" (not mine)

and yes the areas look pimpin (also not mine)

Matthys van lille said:
what board is that with the aeras????
kinda reminds me of the design process for this:

the best car ever built, has a bit of everything

yeah thats possible, but post press

ground sharks teeth on epoxy anyone?

Camden said:
Gas pedals like the 9two5 then? Spray gripped because its a bitch and depressing when all the grip comes off my pedals.
nice and short top mount/drop through with 5 degree wedge in the front end with a nice open toe pocket in the back

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